Bud’s last sitting

bud-tingwell-portraitThis portrait of Bud Tingwell surrounded by his personal objects was the last sitting given by the late actor.

The portrait by artist Peter Biram took six months to complete. Biram said he wanted to create an environmental portrait, almost like a family snap shot. This he felt would give the painting a ‘humanist content’.

Tingwell is said to have loved the piece.

The work is one of several paintings submitted to the 2009 Archibald Prize on display at The Hidden Faces, a four week exhibition of 49 portraits.

Curator of the exhibition, Jacqueline Taylor has selected the best paintings by Victorian artists whose portraits were ‘refused’ for the Archibald Prize.

“These outstanding works would not otherwise be available to the public and merit being seen. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity for Victorians to question the selection of this often controversial ‘official’ Prize,” she says.

Amongst the television personalities in the exhibition are Frank Woodley, Ben Mendelsohn, Wil Anderson, Michael Veitch and Jonathon Welch.

The 2009 Hidden Faces of the Archibald can be seen at SMART artZ Gallery, South Melbourne, from Wednesday 17 June to Sunday 12 July (Vic only).


  1. Pete’s work is amazing, yet in some ways he is little known. this actual painting has incredible layers built up on each other and in the right light you can see the depth it creates. it also features in an article Peter wrote on it.

  2. Peter I love your painting of Bud Tingwell. You have been given a precious glimpse of the real man, and that only comes with Bud inviting you into his world, which is a real honour.

    I believe it is the quest of any portrait painter to capture the soul of the sitter and by you obviously taking the time to get to know Bud you have given us all a precious insight into the sweet gentleman that you had the priviledge of getting to know.

    You should be commended for representing this great human being with an insightful, and conceptual painting and portrait.

    Thank you

  3. Bella Cameron

    I would like to make two comments;
    Firstly to the artist, Peter Biram, It must have been an amazing experience to have painted somebody as special and well loved as Bud Tingwell. I love the painting. It’s like glimpsing at the ‘real’ Bud. Surely that is the point of any portrait after all. Well done!
    Secondly to GuanoLad… I agree totally with half of what you say… You really don’t know art do you?

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