Bumped: The Big Bang Theory. Gone: You Saved My Life.

leonardA number of programming changes from Nine today (just for something completely different) which sees The Big Bang Theory move to an 8pm timeslot from next Monday instead of plans for 9pm Tuesday.

Paired with Two and a Half Men, this is a sensible outcome. It elbows the factual You Saved My Life out.

In its place on Tuesday remains Two and a Half Men from 8:30 – 9:30pm. Believe it or not Nine had actually planned a ludicrous line-up of:

Tuesday June 30
8:30 Two and a Half Men
9:00 The Big Bang Theory
9:30 Two and a Half Men

That idea was so daft this site didn’t even bother writing it up, but waited until the network sent through a more sensible schedule which it now has (…and even won a theoretical bet in the process).

Now the schedule for Sydney and Brisbane is:

8:30 Two and a Half Men
9:00 Two and a Half Men
9:30 20 to 1 (new ep)

AFL states still have the EJ Whitten Legends Game. A week later, July 7th, all states follow suit adding  Little Britain (S1) at 10:30pm.

Elsewhere, The Wire also moves forward to 11:45pm Tue July 7th.


  1. i really do hope that nine give this a chance and not cancel it after one or two weeks, good move though by not putting it up against packed to the rafters.

  2. Well this will be the first half an hour of Nine I’ve watched since the cricket in the summer.
    Sorry, strike that I must confess I tried to watch a coherent episode of Flashpoint but I couldn’t find it in the schedule.

  3. It will be interesting to see if this can beat repeat episodes of Scrubs. If it doesn’t i’m tipping it will be replaced by yet another episode of 2.5 Men.

  4. It is rubbish Channel Nines Programming at the present time

    Apart from Getaway and that is assuming I get home from work early enough to watch it They don’t show anything appealing.
    I miss those Airline/Airport programmes and whatever happened to real comedies like what they use to give us in the eighties and nineties?
    Very disappointed to hear that Temptation won’t be back anytime this year and Humphrey Bear also won’t be back.I loved that bear as a kid having met him and the Channel Niners as a kid in the mid eighties

  5. Hopefully Nine stick with Big Bang Theory, as it is such as good show. After all, 2.5 Men was a failure at the beginning, and now look where it’s at. Hope Big Bang Theory becomes a success just like Men.

    Do you think Nine will create a new season of homeMADE?

    It isn’t exactly a failure, it’s just that it was hyped up to be huge, but it turned out to rate averagely. It rates fairly well anyway. Nine are creating a new Laddette to Lady, and this rates a lot better than that.

  6. yes the wire at a half decent time but i dont think it will be on @ 11:45pm because what will happen to Nines Late News, also im in Melbourne so is the wire going to be seen at 11:45pm or do i have to wait until after the late news?

  7. Nine should move Missing Persons Unit into 7.30 Monday, and push the Big Bag Theory to 9.00 Tuesday and perhaps Survivor for 9.30. As for Monday 9.30, maybe it would be a good time to bring back Without a Trace for the finale season.

  8. I take it You Saved My Life will join Guerilla Gardeners and Beyond the Darklands in the land of failed factuals with unaired episodes? No big loss, really.

    And its kind of ironic how BBT actually aired in that exact slot when it was last bumped for that Customs rubbish at the start of the year.

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