Dancing with the Stars: 2009 contestants

dancing-daniel-soniaSeven has revealed its next dance cast for Dancing with the Stars, which includes four network personalities and blind paralympian Gerrard Gosens. Personalities from radio, performing arts, sports and a swimsuit model will fill out the rest of the dance card.

Amongst the Seven names are Lincoln Lewis, Jess McNamee, Kylie Gillies and Today Tonight‘s Matt White – a somewhat curious choice given the normally serious nature of news and current affairs. Still, those days are arguably long gone, and Seven news presenters have previously appeared on the show.

The series will be again hosted by Daniel McPherson and Sonia Kruger and is expected to air Sunday July 5th.

Layne Beachley – dancing with Dannial Gosper
This fiercely talented surfer and astute business woman rewrote history when she achieved the greatest number of consecutive World Championship titles; male or female. With a total of seven world championships under her belt, Beachley’s determination and dedication will be hard to beat.

Emily Scott – dancing with Michael Miziner
This international swimsuit model and former gymnast was crowned “Australia’s Sexist Woman” by FHM Magazine, appeared in Robbie Williams Rock DJ music clip and has snagged a guest role on the cult TV series Entourage. With a bourgeoning DJ career on the rise, she’s definitely got rhythm but does she have the steps to match?

Kylie Gilles – dancing with Carmelo Pizzino
With her co-host Larry Emdur, Kylie Gillies serves up a mix of entertainment, news and humour five days a week on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show. She’s sung live on national television performing a duet with Irish crooner Ronan Keating, now she’s about to make her dancing debut.

Jess McNamee – dancing with Stefano Oliveri
This popular actress is known to millions of Australians as the unflappable Sammy from Channel Seven’s top-rating drama, Packed to the Rafters. Growing up with musical theatre, Jess is a natural performer, having scored a role in Home and Away not long after leaving school. But is she a natural dancer?

Fiona O’Loughlin – dancing with Craig Monley
Hailing from Alice Springs, Fiona “Full House” O’Loughlin is one of Australia’s most successful comediennes and a very busy mother of five! She has performed at the invitation only Montreal Comedy Festival and on the top-rating US program Last Comic Standing, but can she win over the judges on DANCING WITH THE STARS?

Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt – dancing with Linda de Nicola
Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt made his debut for St Kilda in a sea of dreadlocks and tattoos in 1993. As one of the game’s best ruckmen, he was in high demand playing for Hawthorn and the Sydney Swans during his envied AFL career. His huge following on the field led to the phenomenon that is the ‘spida dance’.

Rob Mills – dancing with Sriani Argaet
Currently playing the role of Fiyero in Wicked – the hottest musical theatre ticket in town – actor, singer, entertainer and former Australian Idol top 5 Rob Mills is looking to emulate his success on the dance floor . . .

Matt White – dancing with Ash-Leigh Hunter
Matt’s no stranger to stiff competition having covered some of the world’s elite sporting events during his career as a sports journalist and commentator for Channel Seven. He’s also leading the battle in the news and public affairs arena as East Coast host of Channel Seven’s top-rating Today Tonight.

Gerrard Gosens – dancing with Jessica Raffa
He’s climbed Mt Everest, swum with sharks and flown a motor glider around Queensland. In a Dancing with the Stars world first, Blind adventurer and three-time paralympian, Gerrard Gosens is about to face his greatest challenge ever when he takes to the dance floor with partner Jessica Raffa.

Lincoln Lewis – dancing with Luda Kroitor
He won a Logie for Most Popular New Talent in 2008 for his endearing portrayal of farm boy Geoff Campbell on Channel Seven’s Home and Away. Now Lincoln is looking to add another trophy to add to the mantle piece when he teams with Luda.

Adam Brand – dancing with Jade Hatcher
His latest album Hell Of A Ride débuted at No.1 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Artist Country Chart and with eight Golden Guitars, three platinum and two gold albums, Brand is preparing for another challenge as a contestant in DANCING WITH THE STARS.


  1. Another totally disapointed follower, This has become a frustrating popularity show not a dancing show, I will never watch this show again, unless the judges pick the winner on grand final night, I was so shocked at Adam winning, this is a dancing show, about 4 others could dance 100% better than him. I want be bothered with this show next year.

  2. The winning decision was a load of crap!

    Adam was no where near Matt or Kylie

    Absolutely ridiculous

    I have never emailed a comment to a TV show before

  3. i am really sorry but until you actually find a better way of judging this my husband and all the other people i am friends with will never watch this program again it has been a complete farce two of the best dancers voted out and both had had the best scores all along jess mcnamee and kylie gilles two of the best dancers gone. other dancers that had the lowest scores should have gone way before now. but got kept in against the fact they cant dance. votes should not be left to the people how can they judge good dancing it should be left to experts even if u had a panel of 5 or 7 judges. at least then it would be a much fairer show.instead of people like gerraed gosen getting further than he should and adam brand staying in after the lowest judges score.

  4. It did not happen last week as expected but this week it was so apparent that Helen and Mark were going to get some payback against Luda for comments and dance style some weeks ago .

  5. I cannot believe Jess and Stefano have been eliminated out of the show over Gerrard and Jessica., Wake up people it is not a show for sympathy votes, it is supposed to be judged each week on improved dancing skills to different forms of dance. I cannot see how Gerrard can be judged the same as every one else in the show because he does have a disabilty, you look at sports we have the olympic games, commonwealth games then you have the paraolympic games for the people who are disabled in any way so they are not left out. Fiona and Jess have both gone and I am truly angry so I am sorry to say I will not be watching any more of this show.

  6. i think jarrod is an amazing person and i do sympathize as i have two visually impaired sons myself but good dancers are now being eliminated due to sympathy votes. i think this is unfair and judging should not really be done by the viewers at home for this reason. the people should be voted on for their dancing not because they r just a nice person. really think the judging system should be changed even if it means bringing in more judges

  7. Hi

    A suggestion – why not have someone who is ordinary and not a star that has a passion to learn to dance?

    3 years ago I could barely walk as I have Scleroderma.. I have been to London to visit the world’s authority on the illness and have been to hell and back.

    I run a successful real estate business and have been nominated for the Telstra Businesswoman of the year awards.

    I made my own “bucket list” and the top 3 were – 1. Take my kids to Disneyland (did that) buy a convertible (did that) and Learn to dance. (Would really love to do that)

    My specialist says it is the worst case he has seen and the most miraculous recovery he has seen.

    I know I have shortened my life but dont know by how much. People say I am an inspiration and I speak at medical symposiums about my recovery.

    Anyhow just thought I should write and maybe my wish would come true!!

    I love the show and I always imagine it is me learning!!

  8. Dancing with the stars is so entertaining, but the judges need to get there act together,Lula raffa is a professional dancer an Helen really lost the plot, she was wrong and should admit it,except for Mark I an many many people in Australia feel new judges should be appointed. Janelle

  9. patricia berry

    I think it is so unfair that Gerrard is still there he is just getting sympathy votes, why should other contestants go that are far better. I refuse to watch the show any longer I am very disappointed. Who ever put Gerrard on must have been having a senior moment. I find Todd to be a very honest judge.

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