Early start for Winter games

bobsledChannel Nine will reportedly focus on live coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics between 9am and midday during the week, with highlights packages from 9.30pm and extended coverage at weekends.

Nine has the exclusive rights to the opening and closing ceremonies, for which it is selling dedicated advertising packages worth a reported $600,000. Nine’s broadcast is expected to include Eddie McGuire and Ken Sutcliffe, but so far there have been no announcements.

Last week Foxtel announced an additional fee for its 1600 hours of coverage, including 340 live hours, on 8 channels, four of which are in high definition. So far no hosts or commentators have been announced by Foxtel, though one report suggested Sarah Murdoch was being courted for an on air role.

Foxtel is selling four partnership packages to advertisers for about $750,000 each and eight sponsorship packages estimated to cost $40,000. No other advertisers will be allowed to book commercials on the Olympic channels, according to Damian Keogh, sales and marketing general manager at Foxtel sales arm MCN.

The games take place in Vancouver from February 12 – 28, 2010.

Source: The Australian


  1. @ Mac and Kuttsywood: Vancouver is currently 17 hours behind Melbourne, but come February the time difference will be 19 hours. So any Olympic events at night in Vancouver will be shown mid-afternoon in Melbourne. But given Vancouver is also 3 hours behind the east coast of US, and we know how NBC has flexed its muscles to force organisers to change the schedule for the east coast audience in the past (re. Beijing 2008), imagine how many events at Winter Olympics will be held earlier so they will be shown during primetime on the US east coast?

  2. @kuttyswood Vancouver is 17hrs behind melbourne, @ paull nine with definitely! have more coverage of the summer Olympics (similar amount as 7 last year) it just that the public has less interest in winter Olympics than the summer ones, do you remember how much coverage 7 had of the winter Olympics in 2006 david?

  3. i would of think we would of at least had highlights throughout the day but 9am-12pm isn’t that bad i guess, makes foxtels coverage look alot better.
    Notic that Foxtel are seeling partnership packages to advertisers for $750,000 thats $150,000 more then Nine, well thats most likely because their will be lest ads on foxtels 4 SD/HD channels then 9 and speaking of ads 9 better not stick as in every 7 mins like normal programing and run then for 4mins long because i think foxtel will only have 4mins of ads every hour which isn’t that much and that will mean that they will most likely have better coverage of the games.
    And im saying that and im not even going to sign up to the foxtels package just because im not into into the winter Olympics or any Olympics for that matter.

    well for anyone that doesn’t want to watch it you should be able to turn to GO99, if its even broadcasting by then.

  4. well they will be showing more coverage than 7 did with the 2006 olympics. it’s the winter olympics and it doesnt have as much interest in it like the summer olympics do.

  5. I would say this is actually due to the time difference between Vancouver and the Australian east coast.

    At least having the Summer Olympics in London, in 2012 is easy to figure out, as we are 10 hours behind. (or is it ahead?)

  6. I think if foxtel is going to sell the partnership deals, they should stay off charging viewers who already pay.

    As for nine’s coverage though, doesn’t sound too extensive really, do they also have the summer olympics for ’12? If so, lets hope they give us a bit more than mornings and late night highlights .

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