Foxtel survey hints at new channels

foxtel-logo24Foxtel is currently conducting consumer surveys with online research site that hints at future channels.

Leaked on the website SneakPeek there is the suggestion it could soon be offering six HD movie channels, including HD versions of existing channels FOX8 HD and W HD.

Showtime could also be split into themed channels: Showtime Action, Drama and Comedy.

New Movie Network channels are called StarPics and FMC (Family Movie Channel)

It also lists channels dubbed Style Network, Nat Geo Wild, Kids Co, Sky News Local, Lifestyle You and Discovery Turbo. 13th Street is a possible action and suspense channel.

The survey also asks for feedback on legally downloadable programmes for subscribers, something it has touted before as being on its “wish list.”

There are also questions on an enhanced EPG, Search & Record, iQ and Box Office.

A platinum package indicates a $135 rate.

Source: SneakPeek


  1. hey

    i would like to see some more channels since we get new shows when they are becoming old shows in the US. foxtel also doesn’t seem to like to play a full series without continuously changing the viewing times. Also for now i would like to see all the shows on foxtel to be broad casted in widescreen since 50′ tv is too big for foxtel at this current time

  2. Foxtel and Austar should be like DirecTv in USA and only have to pay $10 for HD channels and the packages you pay for depends on the HD channels you get (example – if you subscribe to the Sports package you receive the HD sport channels, if you subscribe to Quest you receive Discovery and Nat Geo HD)

  3. If in Britain they can get over 600 tv channels on there sat pay tv service for about 55 pounds. Why can’t we get same thing similar?

  4. I welcome the extra channels and for one is very excited to get some more choice, but still holding out for Sci-Fi HD, Now that is one channel i think would be awsome in HD!

  5. “Sky News Local – comprehensive, locally focused news for Australia’s key cities”. This would likely be rolling Nine News, Seven News, ACA and TT stories plus weather slides, for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Possibly Perth and Adelaide too if WIN play ball.

    BTW, if anyone wants to watch Discovery Turbo or Nat Geo Wild before Foxtel launches them, they can subscribe to SelectTV.

  6. Where is the Value

    The proposed new offerings are too expensive. It is difficult for the majority to fork out $135 for an offering such as that in sneak preview. PAy TV is about 40% overpriced in Australia in my opinion. Its also irritating to note that some channels such as UK TV have been moved out for the basic section into one of the add on sections at $16pm. Even less value now that before.

  7. Mereweather

    I love the idea of a family movie channel. I’ve got Movie Network so does this mean I get the new channels for free if I don’t change my subscription?

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