Foxtel survey hints at new channels

foxtel-logo24Foxtel is currently conducting consumer surveys with online research site that hints at future channels.

Leaked on the website SneakPeek there is the suggestion it could soon be offering six HD movie channels, including HD versions of existing channels FOX8 HD and W HD.

Showtime could also be split into themed channels: Showtime Action, Drama and Comedy.

New Movie Network channels are called StarPics and FMC (Family Movie Channel)

It also lists channels dubbed Style Network, Nat Geo Wild, Kids Co, Sky News Local, Lifestyle You and Discovery Turbo. 13th Street is a possible action and suspense channel.

The survey also asks for feedback on legally downloadable programmes for subscribers, something it has touted before as being on its “wish list.”

There are also questions on an enhanced EPG, Search & Record, iQ and Box Office.

A platinum package indicates a $135 rate.

Source: SneakPeek


  1. I am of the opinion if you want,it, pay for it, else don’t – just don’t whinge about it. I think our foxtel bill is 145/month with the IQ2 and IQ, we think we get value and that’s what counts.

    As for the content, best idea ever is a green dot on promos so you can press green and it will schedule it for recording, so many times i see a promo and want to watch it, but it’s too hard to find in the epg and I don’t have a laptop handy. Green dot is great idea

  2. @Andrew B.
    all 4:3 channels will never be 16:9, its to long to explain and i have said it may time before on this site, also like your idea of $20 access and $2 per channel but in the real world it would never be that cheap, for example in Hong Kong all cable/iptv provides are pay per channel, it only happen 5 years ago or so but you have to pay $6.50 for SD/$7:50 HD per channel and thats in US prices but they dont have a $20 sign up fee pre month so it could work, also its not like foxtel pays much for discovery fox example in the US its like 25c-75c that most cable provides pay, expect FOX News which is just under $2 per subscriber.

  3. Craig(Buzz)

    I’m not surprised they are thinking about more HD channels.But something i would like them to do,which would benefit them in the long run,is to put all the new movies straight on to Movie One or Showtime,and scrap the Box Office.Just like they did in the past

  4. 1. There should be less time shift channels, not more. No meed. Most have PVRs or IQ now. Waste of bandwidth.
    2. All 4:3 channels should now be 16:9
    3. FOX8 HD, W HD etc great to hear. More HD channels.
    4. Foxtel should offer packages where you can chose the channels – say $20 for access plus $2 per channel rather than having to pick groups of channels and ending up with channels you never watch but still pay for. A good example is that it would be godd to get Showcase without having to have the movie channels attached to it.

  5. @Russell, very good point
    But if HBO started their own channel that would mean Showcase would have to find other stuff to buy so that would even mean more content. But on the other hand that would mean foxtel would just get more money out of me every month

  6. You want a HBO style channel or you want actual HBO in Australia?

    Showcase is very much like HBO. In fact most of it’s shows are from HBO.

    In the US HBO is those series plus a few movie premieres a month and a lot of older movies.

    The rights to HBOs shows are already held by showcase and other networks I’m Australia, so I don’t think they’ll be launching in oz anytime soon

  7. @Michael – OptusVison? Foxtel thru Telstra? Oh wait, yeah we have a monopoly… 😐

    Why don’t we have an HBO channel here? If I was still a subscriber I would pay a premium for it ($15-20 for HD).

  8. well we can prey for another large tv provide and i hope it happens but it wont stop your movie being cut becayse Ch 402 isn’t owned by foxtel so its not up to them whats on it.

  9. Foxtel is getting worse.
    One big money grab.
    A movie I was watching the other week on 402 repeated part way through and the ending was cut.
    Maybe if I pray hard enough, a competitor will set up shop here in Australia.

  10. Oh I wish I could afford Foxtel! And an HD TV for that matter πŸ˜‰

    Frankly as a former subscriber I think a move into more HD programming is a great idea, and makes a whole lot of sense in this, nearly the 2nd decade of this millennium.

    Anyone, anyone ?? πŸ˜€

  11. Overall basic only goes up $2 and planment HD goes up $4 so for all the extra channels (25 all together) its worth it.
    good to see a wide range of channels from news to lifestyle, crime, movies, sport and wildlife
    Very good to see FOX8HD & WHD also the new showtime channels are also a very good idea, now i just want a showtime horror.
    Foxtel did say 25 new channels by the end of they year which is better then what they said last year which was 5 less.

  12. Interesting that Foxtel is considering offering (legal) downloads on the same day that Sky TV (NZ, also a News Corp owned company) has cancelled exactly the same service (called ‘Sky Online’ over there).

  13. @TV tragic, Comcast which is the largest cable provide in american, their basic package starts at around $AUD65-75 per month, its hard to say because of hey charge different rates in different areas and local taxes also make the prices different.
    Yes they do have more channels in their basic package but most people in america pay over US$85 per month on cable.

  14. @TV tragic I hear Americans complaining they’re paying $100+ per month for cable all the time. They do get a lot more for their money tho.

  15. I can’t believe people want more time shift channels. The whole concept is dated, and you should all get an IQ if you wish to watch every program at multiple times.

  16. I’m a bit disapointed about some of the new channels and packages Foxtel are going to have in the second half of 2009. They could’ve included new channels Nicktoons and Disney XD plus Disney Channel moving from My Playtime into Get Started and save around $6.95 per month. And how come there no new timeshift channels? The Kids and Family Package needs the Timeshift too.

  17. Just seems like a bunch of pointless channels so they can jack up the prices if you ask me. How about they convert all channels to 16:9 first.

  18. Sky News Local would be interesting…

    I would say the channel would build on APAC’s “bureaus” that cover parliaments, and would also mean Sky News buying production facilities in each capital city.

    This would also be the submission to Freeview for future FTA carriage (along with APAC).

    A large amount of capital expenditure, and a need to recruit the right people.

  19. Great so I am on a Platinum package now, pay $106 a month and they want to increase it again. Getting greedy aren’t we Foxtel. Does anyone know what the yanks pay for pay tv. I bet we get ripped off……….

  20. Question is will you be able to get the HD package (which includes Movies) without having to pay for My Showtime or My Movies? Now that would be cool but wishful thinking?

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