Gallery: 30 Seconds

30secs4TV Tonight recently swung by the shooting of 30 Seconds, Foxtel’s new comedy series set in the advertising industry.

Devised by advertising industry guns Tim Bullock, Justin Drape and Scott Nowell, the series is a wry look at the industry and produced by Andrew Denton’s Zapruder’s Other Films.

On set were actors Joel Tobeck, Kat Stewart and Gyton Grantley (the latter back together following their success on Underbelly). Also in the cast are Peter O’Brien, Stephen Curry and Jenna Lind.

Tobeck, who will also appear in the upcoming series Tangle with Stewart, plays ‘Martin Manning’, the egomaniacal Creative Director of ad agency BND Worldwide.

The three creators reckon many in the advertising agency are waiting with anticipation to see which of the show’s fictional stories mimic those they know in the industry.

The series is directed by Underbelly‘s Shawn Seet (pictured).

It will air on the Comedy Channel later this year.






  1. we need more sitcoms with a story line. america is full of them and australia is not.

    ones like mother and son or kingswood country. or hey dad. they were great.

    where are shows like that now??

    good on foxtel for taking up an aussie comedy.

    stop with the crap sketch shows. we are sick of them.

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