Gone: Worst Week

US comedy Worst Week has lived up to its title and been dumped by TEN.

wwUS comedy Worst Week has lived up to its title and been dumped by TEN.

The show is replaced this week by a second episode of Rules of Engagement.

The US adaptation of the British series The Worst Week of My Life only lasted 2 eps in Oz, down to 620,000 last week.

It didn’t particularly fire in the US either, cancelled by CBS last month.

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  1. Great show – as usual remove the good shows and leave the crap. No wonder Pay TV is getting more popular. Also some people just not appreciate a little light humour-wake up and laugh a little

  2. I could not believe they took such a funny show off the air.I found myself laughing out loud uncontrolably while watching the second ( and last ) episode of worst week.I actually find it quite sad and depressing that nobody has a sense of humor anymore.come on everybody lighten up a little!

  3. I haven’t watched the show yet to judge (I did tape the second ep) but my theory is that single camera comedy is on the wane (if it was ever that popular) in the US the only really successful sitcoms are ones with a laugh track.

  4. It actually was a decent show and a decent adaptation. It was much tamer than the UK one, but it was good and kept getting better and was just a nice pleasant and funny show.

    It suffers from, people not giving it a chance for a few episodes and the whole remake stigma. Better than most of the crap the US comes out with.

  5. I actually didn’t mind Worst Week. I actually sat through RoE just to watch it. Hopefully Ch10 will put it on after Letterman, that we they can finish the short season in a couple of weeks.

  6. I loved this show. It was great duo. Rules of Engagement then Worst Week. The series only went for 12 episodes approx so why not just play the whole series.

    It was so freakin funny. My wife and I loved the show. Looked forward to it every week.

    I hate TV programmers.

  7. It’s hardly surprising that it’s gone. The Yanks have some difficulty
    doing “farce”, but they never seem to realise it… they just keep trying.
    “Farce” is also an acquired taste, so it’s potential audience was limited to
    begin with…

  8. I must say the original UK version was a better concept it was only 7 eps, one for each day leading up to their wedding, thus the title Worst week. But the US chose once again to milk a good idea and turn it into the standard sitcom of at least 13 eps (managing to last just 15 eps)

    ITA put The Office on in it place, and build an audiance by having it on 5 nights a week instead of The Simpsons, starting from the first season.

  9. Yay! A test pattern would have been more interesting than this rubbish.

    PS – Can I just say I loathe the US version of the Office and would be extremely unhappy with my fave channel if they did put it on at primetime.

  10. Y’know, Ten always seems to have a knack for putting recently-(or imminently) cancelled American shows in high-profile timeslots. They did it with Life On Mars and The Ex List this year, but they seem to do it nearly every year, what with past airings of short-lived shows such as Women’s Murder Club, Dark Skies, Models Inc, The Burning Zone, Mysterious Ways, and many, many others. Doesn’t make a lot of business sense when viewers can easily find out whether a show has been cancelled in the US.

  11. Viewers are pretty savvy these days. Why bother watching a show you know has been axed in the States after only a handful of episodes? I don’t even bother now. It stops the pain of being left with an unresolved cliffhanger or storylines (eg Invasion which I’m still sad about as it was such a bloody good show!). Eleventh Hour sounded good but am now not going to waste my time watching it seeing it’s been axed.

  12. I know i’m probably alone here after reading most people’s comments on the show-but i am going to miss it…i thought it was really funny-great awkward cringe worthy humor with great character actors…clearly not everyone cup of tea though… David if TEN do slip this back into the schedual at some ungodly time can you let us know…cheers

  13. Ten sucks. Put The Office back on! Its a show everyone knows about and Steve Carell has huge star power. They are absolute morons not to put it on. It worked for Scrubs! How many times do we have to say it? They should have brought it back at 7pm last year instead of failing with Friends, Will and Grace and the Bold and the Beautiful. It will rate a lot higher than Worst Week, thats for sure. Its NBC’s highest rated program in key demographics next to Law and Order SVU, not to mention an Emmy winner. Not to mention The Office is a show that will last years, if given the chance it could become for Ten what 2.5 men did for Nine.

    And when are they going to play those 3 Rules of Engagement episodes they skipped? They only showed ‘Optimal Male’ (s2e12) last year before they yanked it after Back to You’s final episode. They still have 2×13-2×15 to air.

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