Gretel’s novel turn

gk111“It feels like such a lifetime ago,” says Gretel Killeen.

“I suppose it’s only five weeks ago, but it’s a gig.

“It’s a gig – you do it and you move on.”

Gretel Killeen is finally commenting, albeit briefly, on her maligned hosting of the 2009 Logies. Given the awards were 8 weeks ago, the interview may have been held for publication.

Killeen is now promoting her new book, The Day My Bum Dropped, which she describes it as ‘a gleefully exaggerated memoir.’

“When you’re writing a project like that you really have to commit yourself intensely and it tends to occupy a great deal of your mind.

“The emotions are real and the characters and events are all exaggerated,” Killeen says of the book, which hints towards her experiences in television, personal relationships and her role as a single mum.

Killeen says she decided to pen a memoir to mark “the end of a chapter”.

“I’d finish working in television, my children had finished school and it was the start of a new chapter for me so I thought yep, that’s a good time.”

Killeen says she has been touring the world visiting places like Cuba, Samoa and Cambodia, gathering material for her next book, a follow-on from The Night My Bum Dropped, due out next year.


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  1. Go away now Gretel, we’ve all seen what you can’t do on TV.

    Please no one cares about anything you might write, you’re just not interesting.

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