Gyngell admonishes Gordon Ramsay

traceygordo6Nine boss David Gyngell is reported to have told his friend Gordon Ramsay he went too far after comments about Tracy Grimshaw were made at the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne.

Before an audience of several thousand people Ramsay spoke about Grimshaw’s physical appearance, sexuality, and referred to a picture of a woman on her hands and knees with the features of a pig and multiple breasts as ‘That’s Tracy Grimshaw.’

“I had an interview with her yesterday – holy crap,” he said. “She needs to see Simon Cowell’s Botox doctor.”

Ramsay’s latest ACA interview went to air on Friday during which he commented on Grimshaw’s facial mole, asking: “Is that a wart? It looks like your little sister’s on your lip.”

Last year both parties had a great interview (pictured) during his visit to Sydney. A spokesperson for Ramsay said, “He really respects Tracy Grimshaw as a journalist. It was just a joke.”

But ACA producer Grant Williams didn’t find it funny, saying, “We know Gordon Ramsay sets out to shock, but if what we’re being told is true, we’re very surprised and frankly, though it’s plainly a joke, it’s out of order.

“Gordon has proved here that he doesn’t need to be in the kitchen to create a nightmare. As a comedian, he makes a pretty good cook. Maybe he’d be better off at The Chaser.”

Women’s groups have also called for sponsors to send the controversial cook back home.

On Rove last night he deflected the topic.



  1. That video has been taken down (I finally got around 2 trying 2 watch it today after my wife tells about Sunday’s Rove) and they’ve suspended GivesYouWings who is like the biggest Rove fanboy on the net, unbeleivable!

    BTW LOL @ Johnny 1.5 that’s kinda true!

  2. To Be Honest, Gorden Ramsey reminds me of a school kid seriously, what right-minded adult makes those childish remarks? He reminds me of a few people back in high school days.

  3. So Channel 9 are so appalled with Ramsay that they are going to take his two TV Shows off air on Tuesday … did not think so … ah what a nice publicity beat up for A Current Affair, Kitchen Nightmares USA and Hells Kitchen.

    Now if they can figure a way to get that old womaniser Charlie Sheen involved then Nine can be really happy … of course I am sure this will get dragged out until at least Thursday so Sam Newman can have his say in it all as well.

  4. He has actually done a similiar thing before in Australia. There was a series last year following his tour around the world.

    In the episode in Australia. He picked out some female food reviewer and just constantly ridiculed her over several days. And she had no idea what she had done to offend him.

    Then he did it again in America to some journalist who interviewed him. He was nice during the interview. But then afterwards he kept making insulting remarks about him to the camera. The journalist felt insecure because he did not know what he had done to offend him.

  5. I watch ‘Today Tonight’, so I don’t see much of Tracy Grimshaw on tv, but I definitely thought Gordon Ramsay went waaay too far personally attacking her… IMO, he looks as ugly as he sounds, and I own Season 2 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ on DVD, but I definitely won’t be buying anything else he’s involved in…

  6. Give the wrinkly old narcissist a break. He needs to make some dollars to pay off his bills and buy another ferrari. It’s a big pity that he wants to do it with some of the Australian dollars that he will gather up while he is here. Graceless Ramsay is likely to remain so. Go back to your grubby hole Gordo.

  7. WTF Dutchie,

    “At least Gordan had the class not to say it on TV.”

    No he only said it to her face in the interview about the spot on her face, he only asked her what turned her on………

    that was all said on TV… so i dont know what you mean by him not saying it on tv.

    you then turn around to say he should have said it to her on TV.


    your respect to her? you may not like her but c’mon how about a bit of respect to woman in general?

    Same goes for you Mac – grow up show a bit of maturity

  8. I think Ramsey’s remarks were right on the mark. I cant stand Tracey Grimshaw. She’s not shy on giving her opinions on people on national TV. At least Gordan had the class not to say it on TV. He should of though….

  9. I have watched Tracey for the whole of her television career and have nothing but absolute respect for the way that she responded to gordon ramseys comments. Short and concise straight to the point. All the TV audiences in australia love Tracey including me, gordon ramsey is not fit to tie her bootlaces in my opinion. It is only natural she would be quite upset, as a male I would want to break every bone in his pale scrawny body if he made comments of that type about me, I can only imagine how a female would feel having these untruths put out all over the world.
    She is so natural in front of the camera that you feel she is part of your family, lovely personality, always smiling. I was personally affronted by his comments.
    go to hell Mr Ramsay, and leave our lady alone.

  10. What a pathetic waste of space this guy is. I’m no Tracey fan, but seriously, what the f*ck gives this guy the right to be such a complete asshole to everyone around him.

    I imagine his shows are suited to the same people who watch 2.5 men so passionately… Nine, you’re on a winner!!

  11. That’s hilarious – did any of those several thousand people have a camera phone?

    I thought it was pretty rich of ACA to have Ramsey on the week his program gets axed in the one remaining market it airs in!

  12. Ramsay is just a foul mouth attention seeker,he should say sorry to Tracy for his comments.Oh Gordon look in mirror more often your the one who needs the Botox on ur forehead………….get back home gordon and dont return!!!!!

  13. And Karl & Lisa on the Today show last year trying to get Ramsay riled by repeatedly insinuating that he’s secretly had botox treatment to keep himself looking young, and trying to provoke him into an angry expletive-laden outburst – that’s the Nine benchmark, right?

    Sorry Gyngell. Pot. Kettle. Black. Ramsay come up roses compared to your network.

    You want the man to respect your on-air (alleged) talent, maybe try making sure they show some respect to him first.

    The Today show incident is on YouTube, by the way.

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