homeMADE gets second hour on Tuesday

david_heimannAfter announcing the changes to homeMADE on Wednesday, now Nine has rescheduled the second hour, which will run at 9:30pm on Tuesday June 16.

That means the line up is now:

7:30pm homeMADE
8:30pm Two and a Half Men (rpts x 2)
9:30pm homeMADE
10:30pm Embarrasing Illnesses rpt

As a result Victorian viewers will miss out on Kitchen Nightmares USA which had been airing there.

Over on its 9HD channel on the same night, Nine now has:

10:30pm The War at Home (series return)
11:00pm The Class (series return)
11:30pm Justice

Justice is the Jerry Bruckheimer produced legal drama starring Victor Garber and Kerr Smith.

There are also changes to Wednesday June 17th with a one hour RPA at 8pm and Cold Case at 9pm.


  1. Can I just ask why all the complaining??? We have put up with foul mouthed Ramsey for long enough and for crying out loud we need to start supporting home grown shows. Sure maybe homeMADE is not everyones cup of tea, but if all you want to watch is some desperate American sitcom, then move to America!!! Aussie TV will never improve unless we support it, and bagging it out when you don’t even bother to try and like it is just low

  2. @gerry:

    Yeah the plants made me just switch to another channel because of just how horrendous it was.
    The only ‘risks’ I’ve seen done is painting a nursery yellow, or something like that.

    One bedroom which intruiged me was when they were putting the sheet music on the walls. However, since it didn’t get finished it didn’t look that great.

    And when there was a clock put on the wall opposite the bed in one of the bedrooms which has been done.. WTF? You do not do that. Put a nice relaxing painting or something, because when you can’t get to sleep, having a clock in your view will most definitely make it harder to get to sleep.

  3. @ George,

    Yeah I saw the bathroom sink in the kitchen – what were they thinking?

    In that same kitchen they also put conifer plants on top of the cupboards!

    Another disappointment was Matt’s winter lounge. it was so “normal.”

    For this show to be successful, the designers need to pull out some serious over-the-top ideas. The whole point of the show is to show how a room could possibly look if you took risks, and the only major risk I have seen in the whole comp is Matt painting his bedroom black. That was really good, and it shows viewers that its okay to take risks, as the results can be great.

  4. @gerry:

    One week they had put these white tiles in a kitchen, but the tiles did not suit the room and looking at it gave me a headache. And they had put a bathroom sink in the kitchen. Mistakes like that simply shock me, considering the way they’ve been hyped up so much.

  5. @ George,

    Yeah I got to agree that homeMADE can get quite frustrating. You’re right – $50 000 is a lot, and all they do is complain about the lack of money. Annie gets on my nerves the most – she exaggerates all the major problems; all the other contestants know it as well. I remember once that Matt said that Annie cracked it because the flowers were the wrong shade of purple!

    Plus the ideas are getting a bit repetitive. I thought that each week the designs would get better and better, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. But their ideas are pretty good overall, nothing fantastic though.

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