Idols sing for their lives

aiaSpoilers: Australian Idol this week held one of its last finals for singers hoping to make the final cut of the TEN reality series.

A whopping 44 singers sang for their lives before a live audience in a Sydney theatre.

It was a last chance for judges to hear them perform before settling on those who will comprise the annual semi-finals.

This year, members of the audience also helped choose who would go through, with small electronic keypads given out to register a score for each singer.

Delta Goodrem was also amongst those who were judging the group.

In a marathon 4 hour session, not everything ran smoothly, with some technical problems with the keypads resulting in a switch for those who were doing the voting. Singers won Olympic-like scores, with high results charting over 8 out of 10 points.

TV Tonight hears some of those who wowed the audience included:

– Seth from Newcastle, who has a Matt Corby-like style that instantly won him many female fans,
– Ryan from Tamworth, a country boy in a singlet who sang Your Love is Lifting Me Higher,
– A New Zealander named Sean who sang Let’s Stay Together,
– 16yo Lucie “the baby of the group,”
– And a ‘nerd’ (apparently that term was used on the night) named Glenn who sang Sam Sparro.

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  1. I went to watch at the Sydney theatre company and for me the one that stood out would have to be Seth Drury from Newcastle he sang Coldplay and he was awesome! everyone loved him! ……. he has good looks too!

  2. i know some people who when to the concert and they said that the best of the night was Seth from Newcastle, they said that the girls were going crazy for him!!

  3. yeah i have to agree, besides the guy that sang ‘we are the champions’ the fav for me was Seth Drury who sang the scietist by coldplay…there was so much emotion in the song! He was the only performer that i thought showed himself in a true and real way, and that came across in his song!

    ps he is nothing like matt corby… i rekkon he is better and yes he has looks but he has a voice that almost makes you forget about that! Im backing this kid all the way!

  4. I went to the sydney Theatre company to see the Idol hopefuls performances too,
    Most of the contestants were belting out their songs but in the middle of the night was a beautiful performance by Seth Drury, For me it was the highlight of the night..My teenage daughter and her girlfriends loved him.
    I am really looking forward to seeing the show when the competition starts.
    I think the talent far outweighs the talent from last year.

  5. i was there on the night and my favourite performance was Seth from newcastle, he sang “the scientist” by coldplay that guy is awesome!!

  6. Actually, Nicole Banks did Womanizer by Britney Spears in a jazzy style. it was great to watch .
    Nathan Brake should be included in the list . He was fanatastic.
    Also I think her name was Hayley who did Sober by Pink.
    She was impressive.

  7. this seasons aus idol better have changed otherwise this might be its last. they have changed mondays which im very happy with, but if they are just going to squeeze it into sunday and stretch it out like they always do then that will suck major! i dont know what the whole not showing as much of the funny ass auditions is all about cause i know so many people who only like the auditions for that reason! we want to see losers and funny people who make fun of themselves to make us laugh

  8. i was there
    there were actually 46 singers, not 44
    it was a pretty good night, i enjoyed it
    the best singer was definetly the last singer
    who sang ‘we are the champions’ *agreeing with above*
    But. i dont want another kid like him to go far in the competition
    there were a lot of old people this year.

  9. I was in the audience for this performance.

    The best performer of the night was a 17 year old called Nathan Brake, he was the last performer of the evening and he got a standing ovation for singing Queens “We are the Champions”.

    Other notable singers were Zoe Freeman who managed to pull off Whitney’s “I will always love you”. Chad Trent who is the whole package, looks and voice and Nicole Banks who was on last season singing “Black and Gold” performed a reinterpretation of Britney Spears “Circus” which worked. she appears to have matured a lot.

    One singer tried to sing “The Prayer” and totally massacred it. Another contestant choked but he got it on the second go and was actually quite good, he apparently had never performed before.

    Was a really cool evening but went for like three hours.

  10. The venue where the performance was held is really called The Sydney Theatre. It’s located at Walsh Bay, near the southern entry to The Sydney Harbour Bridge. And yes, Delta was at the auditions, according to Twitter.

  11. Now, if they were actually required to literally “sing for their lives”, that would be worth watching.

    Sing like a star… or be shot dead. Sing for your life, newbie.

    (The “singing for their lives” cliche that Idol is so fond of annoys me almost as much as the inevitable every-five-minutes references to someone’s “journey”…)

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