Jolene set to Rush

jarTEN’s hot drama Rush is rushing back to our screens in July.

As previously reported, joining the squad is Jolene Anderson as Senior Constable Shannon Henry, a specialist negotiator and master of understanding how people tick.

In the second series Josh continues to do things the “Josh” way, Michael and Stella come to terms with an unconventional working relationship, while Lawson and Kerry have their own battles back at the base.

The series has a full series this year, a success story for TEN last year, and sold to the Middle East, France, Norway, Finland, Ireland and New Zealand.

TEN is yet to announce whether the series will return to 9:30pm Tuesdays where it had tough competition from All Saints.


  1. Someone BBBA

    Jolene Anderson eh? Wow, this show’s really got an all-stars line up. I hear Steven Hawking is also in charge of the camera work.

  2. 10 need to be smart with this 1 because it could end in disaster. putting it back against alsaints at 9.30 tues is a gamble again because of the fact pttr will eventually be back and viewers stay to watch alsaints. Ten know playing repeats of ncis at 9.3 tuesdays is their best move and it shouldnt be ruined, they need to fix the wed timeslot and its a smart move to use wed.

  3. I caught a few eps when TEN repeated Rush earlier this year (or over summer? – bad memory LOL) and I enjoyed it, which is quite a feat for someone who never watches crime related shows. Hopefully TEN’s success this year can translate to Australian scripted series and not just foreign shows and reality TV.

  4. Jude I agree it is the best cop show on TV. And Richo this show is 1000% better than The Strip and IMO much more entertaining than City Homicide and I found it better than bland procedurals like CSI, The Mentalist etc and whilst similar to Flashpoint was more intriguing and the character more fleshed out!

    I just hope Nine’s new take on Rush “Rescue” doesn’t become a major hit whilst Rush sets back in the paddock

  5. Awesome news – I’ve been wondering when it’s coming back. Agree with ryan though – hopefully Ten will shift it to 830 or 930 Wednesdays. Wednesday’s seem to be a problem in Ten’s programming at the moment and it makes sense to shift it to then, especially as PTTR will be coming back soon which would likely boost All Saints.

  6. I cant wait! 900k for 9.30pm against top ratings shows was acceptable and at least it held its audience throughout the season. Its just a brilliant show with loveable characters, I reccommend it to all!

  7. i cant wait for this!! esp since we now have jolene, she is hot and such a good actress! i hope it get put either 9.30 tues or 8.30 9.30 weds. ten should smash this with advertising to renew interest and bring new people to the show.

  8. Don’t I remember Ten saying they will move this season to 8:30 and ensure it does not clash with any other Aussie Drama? My ideal timeslot would be 9:30 Wednesdays but that is because it fits in with my lifestyle, and is not necessary the best time for anyone else.

  9. “a success story for TEN last year”

    Well sure, if you consider 900k for expensive Aussie drama a success. I honestly don’t understand how this one even got picked up for a second season.

  10. Ten should give it a massive advertising blitz before airing it on Wednesdays or Thursdays 8.30pm, if done right it could become for Ten what City Homicide is to Seven. It certainly has more potential than The Strip.

  11. So this show has had good international sales despite the global over-saturation with cop dramas? Interesting. Personally this is the one cop drama I watch and I absolutely love it, terrific series. I can’t wait for it to return and only hope that it succeed. Incase anyone is interested Season 1 DVD is released August 6th.

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