Little Britain in doubt

ff2First The Mighty Boosh, now Little Britain?

UK comics David Walliams and Matt Lucas have ruled out filming more episodes of their hit series, in order to work on two new projects instead.

A source close to the pair told the News of the World: “David and Matt feel the Little Britain format could be a little bit old now.

“They are now keen to concentrate on solo projects and then work on different TV ideas together.

“They’re not sure if, or when, they will bring back Little Britain. And no new series has been commissioned.”

It’s probably not a bad idea. The last series we saw was a little on the tedious side, and their US version didn’t exactly set the world on fire. It played here on Pay TV and is due for screening on TEN. Nine has just announced it will repeat the first series shortly.

Meanwhile, it’s been interesting watching some of their other work, including Lucas in The Wind in the Willows (and a few turns in Aussie shows too).

An insider added: “This is not Little Britain being axed. This is just the fact that there is a big question mark over its future.”

Source: News of the World


  1. I thought they were doing a little britain movie?

    Anyways I thought the US show was a step in a better direction than where the show was because it was less reliant on the same characters every episode.

    The holiday special was good as well.

    Matt Lucas was really good in Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, which was a hilarious show worth checking out.

  2. I’d argue that the Little Britain concept got old after the first season. Still less painful than The Catherine Tate Show and Ruddy Hell, It’s Harry and Paul. I do blame it for the current wave of catchphrase-based humour though.

  3. A tweet from Matt Lucas on the story: “Despite reports, we have not killed off Little Britain. We want to make some specials eventually, but do some other stuff together first!”

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