MasterChef nudges 2 million

mchefausNearly two million viewers tuned into MasterChef Australia last night, a new record for the TEN reality series.

1.96m viewers watched as seven aspiring chefs cooked prawns and nuts -an idea which on paper sounds like it would never work. But the series is surging, and doing exactly what producers want at this point of its life: building towards the finale.

MasterChef thrashed its rivals 60 Minutes (a still healthy 1.43m) and Border Security USA / The Force (909,000 / 974,000 -neither aired in Adelaide due to AFL).

Also of note last night was a strong start for Nine’s Random Acts of Kindness, winning its slot with 1.41m, much healthier than homeMADE which it replaced. It just bettered Merlin’s 1.39m and beat Sunday Night (1.15m, aired late in Adelaide).

On the ABC a new locally produced drama, 3 Acts of Murder, did respectably with 975,000 -the best figure for one of its local dramas this year. Nine’s CSI franchise is now a regular loser to Seven’s Bones and Rove. Elsewhere on Sunday, Nine’s Today show (299,000) was beaten Weekend Sunrise (403,000).

TEN won the night, despite the fact that The Biggest Loser is still tanking. Can it afford to stay?


Week 25


  1. Give george, gary and matt $200 and a map of hong kong and i’ll bet they couldn’t find their way to a bus stop let alone to a food market

  2. Where is everyone getting this celebrity masterchef rumour from? Could it be that the UK has just started their season of Celebrity MC and people are seeing it trend in Twitter and getting confused?
    Not to be a Ten troll but I am confident they won’t dilute the brand for at least another two to three seasons.

  3. I’ve heard from someone at Ten that Masterchef peaked at 2.380 million. That is an insane figure, especially considering the percentage of the over 50s audience is less than 30%. To hold the attention of such a huge number of under 50s is an amazing achievement and very rare in today’s television environment. When Seven and Nine have shows attracting 2 million viewers, they are always propped up by a huge percentage of viewers aged over 50.

  4. Ten should put The US Biggest Loser on during the afternoons at 3pm. It would appeal to the same audience who watch repeats of Ready Steady Cook. The once a week show isnt as appealing as the aussie version.

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