Melbourne delays Rafters return

Seven doesn't want to clash with Nine's EJ Whitten Legends charity match so Melbourne viewers will have to wait a week for the Rafters.

raftersdjAfter moving Thank God You’re Here and Ghost Whisperer in Sydney and Brisbane this week, Seven in Melbourne will delay the return of Packed to the Rafters next week to avoid a clash with Nine’s EJ Whitten Legends charity match.

All other states will see Rafters return next Tuesday, June 30. Seven will screen a two-hour catch-up for Melbourne viewers on July 7th.

“We wanted to expose the new series of Rafters to the biggest Melbourne audience possible,” said Seven Melbourne programming chief Brad Lyons.

How we hate conflicting programming. Some states are still behind with Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters because of a Monay night AFL match.

Further confirmation on plans for July 7 will follow.

Source: Herald Sun

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  1. Besides, there are 90 million reasons why PTTR’s return will be the highest rating series return in history.

    Because the program contains the biggest lotto draw in Australian history.

    $90 million minimum, is a figure not to sneeze at. The winner (hopefully a parochial Queenslander), will be enshrined in Australian TV and lotto history.

    Finally, a Australian will be like the American and British mega winners, we see on the news all the time.

  2. they’re not releasing it on DVD for some reason, same as City Homicide. I think it’s because the Hallmark channel plays them, correct me if i’m wrong anyone. Not sure why they hold it off though, seven have always been poor releasing their series

  3. i was wondering why it was being advertised as “tuesdays soon” instead of next tuesday.
    earlier this year we saw rafters fall to 1.6 beacuse of some sport on 9 and melbourne was the main city that pulled it down. this time it is the premier we are talking about so i can see where they are coming from the only thing is whether an episode will rate better against footy or at 9:30?

    disapointed i will have to wait another week though 🙁

  4. Looking at the ratings for the EJ legends game last year, in Melbourne it averaged 538,000, peaking at 675,000. It’s a no-brainer for Seven to delay PTTR in Melbourne. But a pat on the back to Channel Seven who will catch us up to the rest of the country the following week. I reckon bugger all people will download the season two premiere because of the quick catch up.

  5. yes Neon.. melbourne is one week behind the rest of the states for desperate housewives.. as far as the legends game goes i am not concerned at all as i have never watched an episode of that rafters show so i will be looking forward to the game !!

  6. And actually, another issue with this change is that the competition Seven has been running to get people to watch the Rafters return – where a “lucky viewer” (TM) is going to win a swag of Sony AV gear – might have a problem, since the winner cannot be revealed on the 30th and the whole point of the competition – to get people to tune in on the night – will be moot in the second largest TV market in the country.

    Unless, of course, they just rig it so a non-Victorian wins…

  7. What? The turgidly contrived and utterly boring “Legends” match? Airing on the #3 network? With a likely stadium attendance of about 5 people?

    Sheesh, Seven. Grow a pair already.

    Guess quite a lot of Melbourne fans of Rafters will find it hard to resist watching it via other means… which may end up backfiring on Seven.

    Is Melbourne still behind on Desperate Housewives? I didn’t realise that. But then, it’s a show I can take or leave.

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