More shows look to the future

Now there is talk Ghost Whisperer will take a Desperate-Housewives 5 year leap in its plotlines.

gwBlame Desperate Housewives for this one? Marc Cherry’s five-year leap has worked so well that there is talk other shows are contemplating similar moves. Specifically Ghost Whisperer and One Tree Hill.

EW.com reports a Ghost Whisperer insider confirms that producers of the CBS drama are now toying with the idea of kicking the new season off five years into the future.

Meanwhile, One Tree Hill, which already leapt ahead four years at the start of season 5, is mulling another flash forward at the onset of season 7 this fall.

Still it will take a brave producer to do a “Dallas dream.” The super-soap erased an entire year of episodes when it decided to bring back Patrick Duffy after bumping off his character Bobby Ewing. When Pam (Victoria Principal) opened up the shower door and found her husband, television history was made.

Source: EW.com

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  1. I think shows like Desperate Housewives run on it’s own timeline, not pin pointed by any particular year. I guess in some ways it makes the show timeless as the show (and others alike) don’t mention what’s occurring in reality. In terms of the recession in Housewives, it was probably just added as a story plot not referring to what is actually happening in real life. For other instances, like cars etc, I think the main focus is the story, and not what they are driving

  2. I’d say the time jump in Desperate Housewives was more a time jump in the story telling, rather than concentrating on actual dates. As the current eps seem to be in our present. It was a story devise that allowed Susan & Mike to be seperated, with the various revealations and mysteries that surrounded that. And yes with the kids aging, it was very similar to that of daytime soaps, only it made more sence on DH.

    As for Ghost Whisperer, they jumped the shark this season by having Jim die, then be reincarnated in someone else, but still show the image of Jim. I can’t imagine the lovely JLH would want the jump…would that put her in her 40s?

    It would be silly for One Tree Hill to do it a second time. With two main stars leaving there will be enough of a displacement with viewers without another jump.

  3. Ooh I hope they do another time jump for OTH, because that would be great to see. The next season will definitely be the last season because the 2 lead characters are leaving, Peyton and Lucas……so it’ll be great to see something really different and go out on a bang : )

    I’ll miss the little actor who plays Jamie though….he’s awesome!!

  4. jh, watch Desperate Housewives some time, there is often nothing to suggest that its 2014 and not 2009, even more so when they start talking about money, as if the recession didn’t hit fairview till 2014.

    meanwhile all the brand new cars people own, are all 2009 models etc

    ive not looked but im betting if someone wrote a date somewhere, it was wrong.

  5. someone needs to do a Dallas, im just not sure what show could get away with it, maybe a show in its final episode, or a show like Medium, which can write the whole going back one year, as just a dream at the end of the episode.

  6. Q/ when these shows have jumped into the future, have they actually stated the year or tried to show futurisitic technology or culture or anything? I know its only 5 yrs or whatever, but the world can change a lot in that small a time.

    Or does everyone simply get a bit older, much like little kids in soapies suddenly getting 5+ years older.

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