Nine plans “youth” channel

Entourage, Gossip Girl & Sex and the City are some of the titles Nine plans for its new channel.

entourage1Nine’s new digital channel will be unveiled next month with a report today that it will be a channel skewed at advertiser-friendly younger viewers.

The new channel will reportedly offer titles including Entourage, Sex And The City and Gossip Girl -the latter was removed from it’s primary channel.

The channel is expected to air later in the year.

Nine is also said to have signed off on “the biggest deal ever in Australian TV history” with CEO David Gyngell inking a $500 million contract with Warner Bros studios in the US to supply programs for the digital platform (you’d kinda hope that’s one ‘0’ too many typos?). Seven tried unsuccessfully to hijack the deal with Warner Bros.

Nine’s new digital channel follows the announcement this week of titles coming to ABC3, the new kids’ channel, by the end of the year. ABC2, SBS TWO and ONE HD are already on air.

So far no word from Seven on its new channel.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. NBN along with TCN and GTV is a Nine Network O&O station.
    I’m certain when launching this new Go! network, Nine will do so into NBN broadcast area – as it’s another 1.7 million people they can sell advertising to – and with this $500 million programming deal, Nine will be looking to make money any way they can. They’d be stupid not to broadcast Go! to Newcastle and Northern NSW, with 1.7 million extra people.

    It will be much more interesting to see what happens with Go! in Perth & Adelaide, where Nine doesn’t own the stations. STW and NWS and Nine will have to come to a new affiliation deal with Nine over Go! and it won’t be as clean cut as NBN/Nine as Nine don’t own the stations in those markets.

  2. Andrew – WIN in Sth NSW carries all of nines breakaway programming…a reason NBN may not do it for you…is becuase i wouldnt breakaway from the 9 main channel, with this current programming lineup…not ken on what they have t offer right now.

  3. Andrew said: NBN have in fact indicated that they have no plans to carry any of 9’s secondary channels in the near future.

    Mate I spoke to a bloke at NBN the other day regarding digital who indicated NBN would be running the new SD channel and HD “in the near future”. That’s where I’m taking the info previous from.

  4. $500 million is def a typo. It is $50 million, and the deal is for both Nine and the new digital network, not just the new network. Unless the deal is for the next 15 years – which I doubt. $500 million is just impossible.

    Seeing as though this new network will be owned by Nine – we will likely see it launch in Brisbane, Darwin, Newcastle, Sydney & Melbourne.

    If you live in a city covered by a station owned by WIN, I’d start emailing now and asking them for this channel!

  5. NBN have in fact indicated that they have no plans to carry any of 9’s secondary channels in the near future. They do not currently, and never have, carried any of the 9HD break aways.

    In NBN’s area, expect a ONE HD style delay between the capital city launch and the new channel making it to regionals. I think it will be the same for alot of WIN areas as well.

    Prime is still the only regional (based on what I know from Nth NSW) to carry break away programming. Soon to be joined by SC10 with ONE from July 2. NBN now behind the 8 ball.

  6. i’ll already be watching this new channel more than i do channel 9, lets just hope they put on all the stuff they axed and some new stuff that hasn’t aired in australia yet. some movies would be good too, and some sci-fi. treat the shows on this channel well like 10HD did, same timeslot each week and episodes in order, whatever instincts you have as channel 9 programmers- do the opposite.

  7. Sounds all good but as you know things do change in tv land will 9 show complete series or short change us lets just see how this channel develops and now for 7 what they gunna do lifestyle movies or news when 7 when is your big announcement 9 have shown their hand abc sbs and ten actually have their second channels on air whats going on at seven pathetic seven pathetic

  8. won’t work unless it focuses on brand new, never seen before tele … the bulk of that demo have either already seen most of what they’re proposing via foxtel or downloaded it or via dvd … another stale and recycled idea from nine

  9. How many years is the $500 million deal with Warner Bros. going for? Where did Nine get the money to pay to WB given it is so much in debt? And given the AFL and NRL broadcast deals are up for grabs in 2011 and 2012 respectively, does Nine still have any money to bid for them?

  10. Sounds good.

    The shows that are on breakaway on 9HD wouldn’t skew towards teens (Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me, I Dream Of Jeannie, Bewitched), so maybe they’ll stay on 9HD?

    Makes you wonder what Seven will do now with their second SD channel? I reckon Lifestyle or Australian Drama.

  11. I Wonder if Both AFL and NRL Footy Shows would air on Delay on the new Channel, Coz some weeks during Wimbledon, a lot of viewers have to go with either AFL or NRL shows coz i’m sick of missing out.

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