ONE SD coming to Foxtel cable

ONE SD will be allocated Channel 531 when it is played out to Foxtel cable subscribers from July 1st.

bill-woodsTEN’s new 24 hour sports channel, ONE, will be available to Foxtel cable viewers in standard definition from July 1st.

The re-broadcast of ONE HD’s content will be allocated channel number 531 when it is played out to Foxtel cable subscribers.

ONE SD will be grouped with the sports genre channels. ONE HD has already been available to cable viewers with High Definition channels.

For satellite subscribers the situation is less clear, due once again, to awaiting space on an Optus satellite due to go up later in the year.

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  1. One SD began on Foxtel Digital cable channel 531 sometime between midnight and 8 am Sydney time on July 1.

    I have no idea how Foxtel select channel numbers, I would have thought they would have given One SD number 510, but I think they wanted to group it away from the Foxtel package sports channels, so the non Foxtel sports channels Setanta Sports and One SD are together at 525 and 531. They probably said to One we are going to put you after TVN which is 522, so One, since they couldn’t choose 510, probably chose 531 as it was the first number they could pick that ends with a 1.

    Not many One events interest me. I will only watch a few events on One like F1, NBA and a few golf tournaments. All other sports I’ll watch on Fox Sports, ESPN, Setanta, and other free to air channels.

  2. Does anyone know how they pick their channel numbers??

    Do they do a magic spell incantation, flip some cards and then subtract the number they first thought of?

    The last rearrangement of the 600s was especially weird because it caused more crowding (not less) in the news channels at the low end, so that now all the news channels are crammed in between 601 and 607. No room for anything else, like Al-Jazeera or France 24 or CCTV or many many others (let alone non-English news channels).

  3. What time on Wednesday July 1 does it begin?

    There is still no channel 531 listed on the Foxtel EPG at 10:24 pm about an hour and a half from it being July 1.

    Will it start at midnight tonight June 30 going into July 1 or not until the evening of July 1?

    It amazes me that absolutely nobody at Foxtel Customer Service or departments at the North Ryde Head Office know anything about One SD starting on July 1.

    They have taken so long to finally do this.

    I still think One will be the poor cousin of Fox Sports.

  4. Sorry Craig but I wouldn’t bother checking the Austar box. Although ONE’s content is pretty much national, it still has local ads which means Austar cannot broadcast the channel due to licensing issues.

  5. I’ll check my Austar box July 1st… just in case.

    But July 2nd we get ONE HD on channel 50, Southern Cross Ten, pity we don’t get it on SD for those with older sets or DVRs that only have SD tuners!

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