Ratings: TEN takes second, Nine drops to third

Seven may have won the week again, but it was the might of TEN that was the real news story. Hit series MasterChef Australia takes out #1 position.

mchef6Seven may have won the week again, but it was the might of TEN that was the real news story. It took out second place and pushed the Nine Network to a demoralising third position. MasterChef Australia powered TEN to its best survey week for the year.

Seven won the week with 27.0% ahead of TEN’s 25.8% and Nine’s 25.2%. The ABC had 17.1% and SBS 5.0%.

Once again TEN won 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos. TEN has now overtaken the Nine Network this year in the 18-49 demographic (it also leads in 16-39, leaving Nine 25-54).

TEN won three nights this week, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Seven took Wednesday, Friday and tied Saturday. Nine won Thursday and tied Saturday.

Seven also won Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, Nine won Brisbane, TEN won Melbourne.

Seven News (Sunday) was again best for the winning network with 1.79m -no wonder it wants Dancing with the Stars to follow. Big audiences followed for Today Tonight, Bones, The Zoo, Find My Family, Criminal Minds, Better Homes and Gardens, All Saints, Grey’s Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer. This week’s Thank God You’re Here was challenged by a reality show, prompting some to ask about that line of switching networks to gain a bigger audience. Despite some losses in Sydney and Melbourne this week, Sunrise remains 75,000 national viewers clear of Today. However it’s been a long time since these words were used: Home and Away was thrashed.

MasterChef Australia -Challenge, TEN’s Sunday night edition, was the #1 show of the week, on a staggering 1.96m viewers. For a cooking show many were dubious about, it is charting better than dancers, singers, and brawling housemates. At this rate the finale will top The Biggest Loser. Similarly its weeknight edition took home figures in the vicinity of 1.3 – 1.8m viewers. Yet it was not the only success for TEN. Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation recorded its best audience at 1.7m viewers. Also strong were NCIS, Merlin, Recruits and Rove. TEN News at Five continues to dominate its hour. So You Think You Can Dance (US) improved on its debut, but The Biggest Loser (US) remains a problem. Out of the Blue is clearly only kept to accrue local quota points. Hard to believe TEN didn’t pair this with Neighbours and keep it as the stripped show the way it was produced.

In a light week for Nine, its News (Sunday) was again its top show with 1.62m. Random Acts of Kindness had a good debut with 1.41m. It might have won Sunday if CSI hadn’t lost so much traction recently. Also strong were 60 Minutes, Sea Patrol, Getaway, A Current Affair, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos and 20 to 1 while Missing Persons Unit won its slot. The AFL Footy Show remains strong. Hot Seat is quietly improving. This week Nine will fare better with the second State of Origin match. It probably won’t be enough to win the week.

1.28m was tops for Spicks and Specks, with other performers including New Tricks, Silent Witness ABC News, 3 Acts of Murder, 7:30 Report, Australian Story, and Nature’s Great Events. This week marks the return of The Chaser’s War on Everything after being suspended for two weeks.

Top Gear Australia appears to have settled around 550,000, still a good figure for the network and twice that of Mad Men. Monday and Saturday were its strongest nights.

Week 25

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  1. I reckon part of why TEN keeps Neighbours despite the low ratings, is due to the fact it win in the 16-39 demographic most if not all night.

    (not looking to turn another ratings discussion into one about Neighbours)

  2. David, you state Ten are now leading the year for 18-49’s. According to Ten’s own weekly wrap (released today at Ten corporate), Ten is actually third in 18-49 year to date 6pm – midnight.

    Unless you are quoting 6pm – 10.30pm figures, which they are leading 18-49 YTD in. But that isn’t “industry standard”, just what Ten prefers to report on.

    1. Dino I would never quote 6 – 10.30 without saying so. The figures are based on Nine info:

      18 – 49 Year to Date
      TEN: 28.4
      Nine: 27.9
      Seven: 27.7
      ABC: 10.8
      SBS: 5.2

      The TEN release you refer to is commercial networks only. TEN has traditionally published this way because it skews them in favour. Ironically, now they are doing so well it actually doesn’t. Go figure.

  3. NCIS repeats will continue to rate around 1.3 mill I reckon, the 7pm Project is also likely to be a hit. Other than that Ten will continue to have a moderately strong second half of the year I reckon, a lot better than the second half of 2008 anyway.

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