Ratings: TEN takes second, Nine drops to third

mchef6Seven may have won the week again, but it was the might of TEN that was the real news story. It took out second place and pushed the Nine Network to a demoralising third position. MasterChef Australia powered TEN to its best survey week for the year.

Seven won the week with 27.0% ahead of TEN’s 25.8% and Nine’s 25.2%. The ABC had 17.1% and SBS 5.0%.

Once again TEN won 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos. TEN has now overtaken the Nine Network this year in the 18-49 demographic (it also leads in 16-39, leaving Nine 25-54).

TEN won three nights this week, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Seven took Wednesday, Friday and tied Saturday. Nine won Thursday and tied Saturday.

Seven also won Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, Nine won Brisbane, TEN won Melbourne.

Seven News (Sunday) was again best for the winning network with 1.79m -no wonder it wants Dancing with the Stars to follow. Big audiences followed for Today Tonight, Bones, The Zoo, Find My Family, Criminal Minds, Better Homes and Gardens, All Saints, Grey’s Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer. This week’s Thank God You’re Here was challenged by a reality show, prompting some to ask about that line of switching networks to gain a bigger audience. Despite some losses in Sydney and Melbourne this week, Sunrise remains 75,000 national viewers clear of Today. However it’s been a long time since these words were used: Home and Away was thrashed.

MasterChef Australia -Challenge, TEN’s Sunday night edition, was the #1 show of the week, on a staggering 1.96m viewers. For a cooking show many were dubious about, it is charting better than dancers, singers, and brawling housemates. At this rate the finale will top The Biggest Loser. Similarly its weeknight edition took home figures in the vicinity of 1.3 – 1.8m viewers. Yet it was not the only success for TEN. Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation recorded its best audience at 1.7m viewers. Also strong were NCIS, Merlin, Recruits and Rove. TEN News at Five continues to dominate its hour. So You Think You Can Dance (US) improved on its debut, but The Biggest Loser (US) remains a problem. Out of the Blue is clearly only kept to accrue local quota points. Hard to believe TEN didn’t pair this with Neighbours and keep it as the stripped show the way it was produced.

In a light week for Nine, its News (Sunday) was again its top show with 1.62m. Random Acts of Kindness had a good debut with 1.41m. It might have won Sunday if CSI hadn’t lost so much traction recently. Also strong were 60 Minutes, Sea Patrol, Getaway, A Current Affair, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos and 20 to 1 while Missing Persons Unit won its slot. The AFL Footy Show remains strong. Hot Seat is quietly improving. This week Nine will fare better with the second State of Origin match. It probably won’t be enough to win the week.

1.28m was tops for Spicks and Specks, with other performers including New Tricks, Silent Witness ABC News, 3 Acts of Murder, 7:30 Report, Australian Story, and Nature’s Great Events. This week marks the return of The Chaser’s War on Everything after being suspended for two weeks.

Top Gear Australia appears to have settled around 550,000, still a good figure for the network and twice that of Mad Men. Monday and Saturday were its strongest nights.

Week 25


  1. yeah harry but we do have rush coming back which on its new night hopefully will crack the million mark and stay that way. They also have idol which has grown in ratings a little in the last 2 seasons. 5th grader returns although previous seasons havnt been that great, House returns in about 3 months and there is news the new season will have changes because of the lower ratings and how repetitive each show is, so hopefully this will bring back people.Ncis will return towards the end of the yr which will lift tens share towards the end of the ratings yr, about 3.5 months for that, lie to me also starts around this time if not a few weeks earlier. Merlin has 7 eps left in the 1st season and the second season starts today. so some okay news to come. The one thing i cant wait to see is what the numbers will be for the masterchef finale!!!

  2. mikeys: we dont need another negative program on the air, we dont need to watch losers in a house achieve nothing. masterchef is soo good it suprised me! Everyone was fed up with negative tv and thats why bb bombed in ratings in the final 2 seasons. atleast nearly every contestant that has been eliminated from masterchef has gone on to work in a restraunt or has taken up the oportunity.

  3. Once again TEN won 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos.

    And there you have it. Ten is #1

    Demos is all that matter.

    Total people does not mater.

    Profits are made on demos. Advertisers pay for demos, not total people.

  4. I was one of those doubters of MasterChef. I admit I was wrong, but due to severe lack of Big Brother action, I refuse to watch…

    Well done for your gamble Ten, shame on you for abandoning BB… heheh And good on you for beating Nine 😀

  5. George

    SBS TWO and ABC2 and ONE HD are all not going totmake the Top 100, they have half the population unable to watch it and carry mostly niche programming. ONE HD and ABC2 actually rate the same (around 1 point) while SBS is 4 all up. Not sure if SBS TWO is seperated from SBS ONE.

  6. Has anyone seen those Channel 9 news commercial saying that 9 news is the first news team on location then bashing channel 7 news for turning up late after the news. Whats up with this, ratings, egos ?

  7. When Masterchef finishes TEN will struggle, especially with NCIS last new ep being aired on Tuesday! Generation will still be on air for a while according to some article I read but PTTR returns so boring ratings again.

  8. @ryan
    wake up, in a country where the top show rarely tops 2 mil demo’s mean nothing. When u have 30-50 channels each with a number of 5-20 mil shows in their armoury then demo’s count. 10 may win the demo’s but i know for a fact that in this country a station that has 5-10 million viewers then 10 over a week will take home the biccies.
    You said u wish 2 buy shares in 10. Do it , canwest will teach you a lot about blind faith.

  9. @angelsgal, some good points, ten are looking alright for the last bit of the year i don’t know why people say they aren’t, we should see them taking quite a few 2nd’s.

    few things. Glee won’t be able to start until the end of september, which is a long tiem after merlin ends and will probably have to run into summer or 2010.

    [email protected]

  10. Darryn, there is no comfort winning the week in total people. I know people here care about it, but is it really important? Although demos are highly important, is winning the night/week/year really that important, whichever way you measure it? It’s all for massaging the egos of network executives. Nothing less, nothing more.

  11. Darryn, I don’t know what you’re on about, Demos are highly important to any network. Ten managed wins in all major demos and was a close second for the week – that is reason to celebrate, like it or not.

  12. Can’t wait for the spin from Nine (we won this demo or “2 and 1/2 men still funniest comedy in Oz)

    In reality Ten,Seven,Two & SBS listen to the public not to just followers.
    I did not think Ten’s version of Masterchef would be as good as the UK version but I was wrong.One huge difference is the judging and the explanations given why this worked or that did not.

    Kudos to Seven & Ten.
    To Nine – stop listening to your mates, listen to public.

  13. Excellent score for TEN. Was hoping they could possibly win the week, but thanks to Thursday, Friday and Saturday outside of Melbourne they couldn’t.

    Still, for them to come second and to win the largest market in the country is pretty darn impressive. I suspect they’re going to win all key demos again this week.

    Did anything on SBS TWO make the Top 100 this week David? (you’re probably sick to death of me asking this by now, sorry!)

    Your comment about Out of the Blue is so true! It would have worked well at 6:30PM (and Neighbours bumped back to 6PM) while giving TEN their precious local content points.
    Maybe they might decide to get production of the show going again and strip it over the summer to get us interested?

  14. Hope 10 are not celebrating. They fell over the line dropping a massive 3% in 3 nights. With ncis & mc drawing 2 a close they will be back 2 holding off abc for 3rd. Demo’s are not important in this country so there is no comfort. If glee is there big hope then this winter is about 2 get a lot colder.

  15. I think Idol is as good as dead, 7’s poaching of Dicko originally damaged the brand integrity and its been in freefall ever since.

    Kyle Sandilands = (TV) Ratings death.

    End of story.

  16. Gerry, Idol will be teamed with celebritry masterchef. Also, with the 7pm momentum they have atm, you’d expect the 7pm Project to do well. They’ll be repeating NCIS which dont do much less than new eps, until new eps are avaliable, Generation has had its order extended, to it will play out to about sepetemeber (no reason why ten wont extend it again thou). They are fasttracking Glee and its expected to replace Merlin and lead into Idol. They can also fasttrack if they want, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Lie to Me, Three Rivers, House (which i think should be given a final chance behind Celebrtiy MasterChef, just needs to find its audience again and a decent lead in can do that, i think it would do better out of a 1.8mil lead in than SVU did this wed). Rush should do well in its new home, its the slot i would of put it in last year. they have undercover boss to lauch and the return of 5th grader (which does well against no comp in younger demos, wouldnt be supirsed if this replaces generation), as well as a second series of Bondi Vet and recruits if they want to use them. Ten look alot stronger goin into the last part of the year than nine do.

  17. I notice that TEN came a distant third in Brisbane last week. It had 22.9% audience share, against Nine’s 28.1% and Seven’s 27.6%. Can anyone explain why? Surely it can’t have everything to do with the AFL and the NRL!

  18. MasterChef’s success clearly shows that we were well and truely over Ramsey saturation. Nine can’t even get enough viewers to complete it’s series. Will be interesting to see if Home and Away bounces back after MasterChef finishes.

  19. Impressive showing for Ten and Seven this week. I’m assuming Ten ended up winning all demos as well, which is quite an achievement.

    Thiscoming week will probably be Nine and Ten’s last chance to win a week for a while. Rafters returns Tuesday week, which will no doubt do some damage to Ten’s Tuesday, and thrash Nine’s poor lineup.

  20. Well done to TEN. It now shows that taking risks can pay off very well.

    But here’s a question: After MasterChef, NCIS, CI, and Generation finish, what will channel TEN have that will rate well?

    The only things I can think of is Idol, and possibly Rush. Even Idol has been dropping since the first year.

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