Returning: American Dad. Bumped: Prison Break, Saved.

american-dadSeven has made some adjustments to its Wednesday line-up effective immediately.

American Dad will return this week at 11pm with the episode “Tearjerker.” It aired in the US in January 2008.

This change pushes Prison Break back to an 11:30pm start (bitch, bitch, bitch). Last week it took a slim 226,000 viewers.

2006 US drama Saved, which was airing at midnight, is now out altogether.


  1. The tv channels make me very bloody angry. They do this type of thing over and over….we loved watching “the unit” but they told me there was a brand new season starting and they aired 2 0 3 shows and then it disappeares. Lo and behold, we love prison break and what do we get in the last season stupid earl, famuly guy, american dad and then at 11.30pm prison break.
    Give me a break! Why put the bloody shows on air at all if they are going to do this…..a waste of time because the final series you don’t get to see. Shame on you channel 7 for the treatment you dish out to your viewers…..just keep showing the trash and you will end up like channel 9 replaying old shows over and over again.

  2. I love American Dad and Earl and Family Guy and How I met your Mother.This is what the Thursday Night Line Up Prior to Scrubs should look like.

  3. David could you please look at prison breaks 226 000 viewers first week and tell me that is reasonable if not fantastic for a time slot so bad, not advertising ? Is it reasonable to assume this thanks

  4. 2 points:
    1- i thought the purpose of this graveyard timeslot was that ratings did not matter at this time of night–why is pb pushed out later–and also heroes, lost, 24???
    2- did ch 7 actually expect more than 200,000 viewers when it is shown so late at night, when the series return was not advertised, and when these are episodes that aired weeks ago in US???

  5. I want to know why everyone is saying ‘by other means’ like downloading is some big secret conspiracy. They seem to be the new buzzwords on this site.

    • Blatant comments that “I downloaded this” or “I will download” contravene this site’s Comments Policy. It is acceptable to discuss the culture of downloading, because it is a relevant part of technology culture, but to actively promote or endorse it starts to turn this site into a pirate messageboard, for what is (alas) still an illegal act. Therefore like any moderation of website comments, the term “by other means” (or similar) is an editorial edit. “By other means” for example could mean you saw the latest episode of House while you were on holidays in the US. There are a few legal downloads around offered by our networks (Nine once even encouraged the promotion of some shows via bit torrent) but it is a rarity.

      I only ask, and remind, people to adhere to Comments Policy, as I hate to edit your thoughts (those CAPS and links are still coming through too….groan).

  6. @Dave: Thankyou for that point of view. You’re absolutely correct. Not everyone is able to download TV. So people like Andrew D should think about what they say before they say it.

  7. I love my 12.30/1am Room for Improvement episodes David…. don’t knock them!!! hahahah

    But seriously, how annoying it’s taken them so long to bring us this series of American Dad??… I don’t know if anyone in TV land realised, but it’s actually a really popular show!!!!!!! And the jokes are much better when they’re closer to the actual events based on them (much like Boston Legal, where the US election episode aired here 7 months later)

  8. Evan Tamanas

    seven better not f*k around with prison break anymore otherwise i will f*k around with them…… for the f*king 1000th time they have fkn f*ked this show around never given it a chance.

    Series 1 timeslot 830 pm-930pm; massive promotion and did well, awesome series, series 2 930 pm-1030pm; even later but still ok; series 2 on the run was as enthralling as series 1; season 3 10:30 pm -11:30pm slot; slow to begin with but picked up towards the end; season 4: who the fk knows the timeslot. What i am trying to say is that why do you play a season that is so popular and then bring in heroes for one season and then shaft that around too, seven obviously doesnt know how to maximise ratings and audiences because if they were smart enough and not shafted people around with different days and times prison break could have been more successful than it has been, and what they have done is infact stuffed both prison break and heroes and done them up the a**e both.
    Well at least tv isn’t going anywhere at the moment, foxtel is more interesting as their are no really good up and coming shows so wont be watching channel 7 for a while, infact why i am here might as well have a dig at their footy coverage, what the hell is with your commercials after a goal, i turn off because of it. You use to be the celebrity and hollywoood glamour channel with all the big guns, desperate housewives, hereos, lost , prison break but have lost the edge because managemeent is very poor, take a good hard look at yourselfs and f*kn lift.

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