Returning: Rush

Thursday nights just got a whole lot more interesting with TEN confirming it will be the new night for Rush.

rshThursday nights just got a whole lot more interesting with TEN confirming it will be the new night for Rush.

The TEN drama will return Thursday July 16 at 8.30pm.

That pits it against Trouble in Paradise and whatever Seven has in store, given Grey’s Anatomy is coming to an end soon (Seven will begin double eps after Private Practice ends).

It will also be the only Aussie made drama on the box after 7:30pm. Well… The Footy Show likes to manufacture a bit of drama but that doesn’t count…

The 8:30pm timeslot should give the show a bigger audience than it was attracting against All Saints, given it is an earlier timeslot. It also forces the show to be M rather than MA rated (last year it was regualrly M rated anyway)

The second season of Rush will be considerably longer this year, with new cast member Joelene Anderson.

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  1. i hear that Rush is a great show and having read the feedback i am sure it must be However as the camera is always moving around I cannot watch the show. because of this eratic camera movement i get motion sick. surely i am not the only person to experience this sensation i am wondering what mindset from the directors would force this sensation upon viewers to the point where we cannot watch the show. give us a break and change the camera work next season, you might get a nice surprise and attract more viewers.

  2. I am very happy Rush’s return date has been announced.

    I can’t understand the comments about it being boring or like NCIS and CSI. It is original, fast paced, always something new and different happening and the chemistry between the characters was amazing last season.

    As for the shaking cameras I never noticed it or had a problem with how it was filmed. I take it you don’t watch any reality series like The Force: Behind the Lines or Recruits either because they have very noticable shaking cameras.

    And just for the record DJ I am not an employee of Ten or Rush just a genuine fan and to say that these people aren’t out there and actually commenting on here is just ridiculous.

    Also I love the current promo for the new series, semi naked Callan and Rodger, how could I not!! I’m also very glad they put a link to Grace to show Josh hasn’t forgotten her, I think that was needed.

  3. I tolerated the first season of ‘Rush’, because I’m a Catherine McClements fan, even though I couldn’t stand the shaky camera work in the show, and would otherwise have stopped watching it… I dread the second season will use the same technique, to highly aggravating effect again, although I’m not home at 8:30pm on Thursday nights, so I won’t be seeing the show in that timeslot…

  4. How is putting this pap on going to make Thursday nights ‘a whole lot more interesting’?

    Just watch any re-run of any Aussie-made cop show that draws too much from a American influence, take out any subtle acting and you have an episode of Rush.

    There is nothing in this show that hasn’t been done somewhere else before, and better… especially the characters – yikes! If I was the producers of NCIS and CSI I would be suing Rush’s producers for plagurism!

    This show stinks and it’s staff who infiltrate message boards (such as this one) to promote the show, should be dedicating their time to other things (like writing a believable piece of dialogue).

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