Rove: “I totally got married!” (but no baby)

Last night a humble Rove McManus had just a few words to say about his surprise wedding, and nearly led everyone to believe he was about to become a dad.

rmcA humble Rove last night was brief in acknowledging his surprise wedding to Tasma Walton in Broome last week.

“Never let it be said I can’t keep a secret,” he said.

“I totally got married…. to a lady,” he joked.

His co-stars seemed surprised by the event. Dave Hughes said he was asked by a newspaper on Tuesday night, but wasn’t wise to the news.

“I was sending you a text messages saying ‘A newspaper’s writing…’ and then you sent me a texted saying ‘I got married!'”

“And what was great,” replied Rove, “was that all the news people thought that you had spilled the beans on Twitter, of all places!”

“Which is ridic- …I wanted to!”said Hughes. “Once I saw it on the news websites, that’s when I went for it.”

McManus said the secret wedding had been planned for a while.

“The best way to keep a secret is, anyone who spills a secret you kill them.”

Later in the show during a joke with Hughes about babies, Rove jokes that he was having a baby, which he later had to qualify. Repeatedly.

Guest Shaun Micallef told him that too many denials would seem like he was covering a lie. He suggested a little reverse psychology.

“The only way you can get out of it is to look down the barrel and say ‘we are having a baby!'”

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  1. And how funny was Shaun on Rove! His interview and song was absolute gold.

    I can only hope that Newstopia resumes rather soon or that maybe Ten offers him his own variety show.

    He is great on TBYG but he is much more than a quiz host.

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