Rove takes a respite

rteamRove is about to take a four week mid year break.

The last of the current shows will air Sunday July 12th.

This year the show started in February, earlier than its 2007 / 2008 seasons, so a decision was made to factor in a mid year break to allow the creative time to recharge.

Look for MasterChef Australia to take its place with a finale on July 19th.

Might be a good time for a honeymoon?


  1. franz chong

    Oh nonot Idol anything but that piece of crap.I would rather them bring back Seinfeld If they need something to fill the gap once Masterchef ends even if the episodes are old and long gone

  2. Rove is awesome…those of you who dont like seem to watch an awful lot of him…enough to comment on how bad the show is….anyway jealousy is a curse…happy holidays Rove

  3. I have just read “Tall Poppy Syndrome” at it’s best.
    OK… so let’s say you “commenters” get your way and Rove goes… then what?
    I know… someone else starts, they try their best, they might even succeed… then get put down, criticized and basically ripped to shreds by people who don’t even have an ounce of the talent that they have.
    Why waste time posting a comment like “no one watches Rove”… clearly over 1 million people do each week and enjoy what he does.
    I have also wasted my own time reading comments like “he just ain’t funny”… how do you know that? is that because you actually watch him or because that’s what everyone else is saying? If that’s your opinion fine… so don’t watch and don’t post.
    BTW Rove’s performance in the U.S. was actually lauded by the network that hired him. Check your facts before you just regurgitate stuff that you read in a daily newspaper here that thinks pictures of guide dog puppies make a front page.
    Go Rove… I’m in awe of what you have achieved and continue to do.

  4. What will they air in its place after Masterchef? Mean Girls and About a Boy? Somehow I don’t see Biggest Loser US being pulled forward.

  5. The yanks were smart. They saw he was not worthy of a prime time tv show. He tried to make it big over there. So we’re stuck with him. Nothing against Rove personally but he just ain’t funny.

    Why not give a real comedian like Shaun Micallef another go at a show??

  6. Yay! Hopefully it becomes 5 weeks, then 6 weeks then…..gone forever!!

    There is no way this show is more ;adult’ than ‘teenage’, it is completely juvenile and no doubt the demographics reflect that. He only rates well if he has big guests on, look at the ratings history, no good guest – noone wathces Rove.

    The whole show needs a major rethink.

  7. This is a pity beacuse I think the last two years of Rove have been fantastic. It’s more of an adult type show than a teenage one now, if you know what I mean

  8. I think they’ll get celebrity masterchef to fill it’s spaces.

    Nathan Rove’s ratings have gone up, so you might not be liking it but Australia seem to be enjoying it more than ever.

  9. When does Idol start? Masterchef is finishing earlier than what Big Brother typically did, whats going to fill all of Ten’s holes while waiting for Idol to start.

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