SBS2 channel arrives

Germany's 112 Emergency is the first new drama series on SBS2, while the feature the SBS channel will now become known as SBS1.

112aGermany’s 112 Emergency (or 112 Sie retten Dein Leben in its home country) is the first new drama series on SBS2, which launches today.

The channel hits the airwaves under its new branding from 6pm, with a 5 minute launch, followed by a screening of Harvie Krumpett. World News Australia is simulcast at 6:30pm and a repeat of last night’s Dateline.

112 Emergency at 8:30pm is centred around police officers, paramedics and fire-fighters. It will be followed by movies The Ninth Day and Sorry For Kung Fu.

With the arrival of SBS2 (formerly SBS News channel), the feature SBS channel will be known as SBS1.

Meanwhile SBS HD continues to retransmit programming from SBS1.

SBS2 Guides are available in Advance Guides.

Meanwhile still no further word from Seven or Nine on the launch date of their secondary channels.

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  1. There is a time for The Nightly Business Report, at 6.30pm on SBS TWO. Why are they simulcasting the news?

    Last night was a bit weird on SBS ONE, the cuts to ads during South Park were very abrupt, and there were a couple of technical difficulties.

    And where is Big Love

  2. SBS TWO is a pretty good compromise for those who wanted to keep the World News Channel and those who wanted something new.
    Hopefully if SBS can get the funding they need they could make SBS THREE as their 24/7 World News Channel and SBS TWO free from news programming.

    I am a bit concerned that all they have is Weatherwatch during the night.. That being said, Infomercials aren’t that great either. *cough*

    Still, SBS TWO is a good step forward for the network considering the measly funding they received.

    2009 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for Australian TV.. ONE HD, SBS TWO, ABC3, GO!99, and possibly ABC4 and Seven’s new channel… 😀 Great time to be a TV viewer, lol.

  3. Shame the series has already been cancelled in Germany.. Apparently it gave the RTL broadcaster a bit of a boost in ratings at the beginning.. it could do quite well for SBS TWO though.. i think they’ve done well to find something that they can have on each night, so that it’s not all over the shop.. It’ll be good to have that continuity

  4. It took SBS seven and a half years to get an EPG working on their main channel. Give them time, I’m sure they’ll creak one into life sometime around 2015. By which stage they might have actually put the watermark in the corner of the screen rather than right in the middle.

  5. SBS have backtracked and have since started up the digital EPG for SBS TWO with info from 5am tomorrow. Lets hope they stick with it for the long run this time.

  6. SBS TWO will not be getting a digital EPG guide.

    The Nightly Business Report will not be broadcast by SBS in the near future until they can find a new timeslot for it. However SBS does advise that you can view the program online at pbs online at 8.30am Tuesday to Saturdays.

  7. I’ve seen the programming guide, and they’ve got nothing. Just lots of foreign news repeats and the odd other program. What a waste of money.

  8. The start of SBS2 also means the Nightly Business Report (from America’s PBS) has been dropped from SBS’s schedule. This program has been on air on SBS for more than a decade, and was one of my favourite program when it was shown at lunchtime before it was moved to the World News Channel (now SBS2).

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