Sea Patrol wins fourth series

seapatrol-21The HMAS Hammersley looks set to sail again with word that Nine has approved a fourth series of Sea Patrol.

TV Tonight hears that a fourth season of the show has been approved and awaiting an official announcement by the network.

The third series of the McElroy All Media production has only been on air a few weeks, but shown strong audiences of 1.3m-1.4m.

Nine’s drama slate is certainly looking healthy right now. This week the network officially announced Underbelly 3: The Golden Mile.

It also has Rescue: Special Ops in production.


  1. john cooper

    after watching this series in the uk , all I can say is you have a good choice for a fourth series , as all my friends find it great viewing

  2. I Hope they add a new female main cast member. Simmone Jade Mckinnon would be my pick. i read in an interview she is wanting something concret. She also said she filmed an extended guest role on the new Rescue Special Ops.

    • All well and good. I really can’t be expected to know where everything was first published on the internet. Info was independently confirmed (I’m sure you have seen previous SP articles here). In any case I’m sure you have given them the plug. Again, it wasn’t my source sorry.

  3. I understand that David and respect that, I’m just saying that this piece of information originated from the SP fan site before it was distributed to the multiple news sites around. Usually in the past I wouldn’t speak out about it, but in this situation I’m making the exception because it was where it originated, since it came from the producers themselves.

    • Nadine, sources are commonly linked at the end of stories if and when they are taken from other sites (I’m sure you know plenty of sites don’t even bother to do this). On this occasion I didn’t visit the SP Fan Site and I didn’t get the info from there. There are plenty of fan sites I don’t visit with regularity.

  4. For the most expensive aussie drama on our screens, with a shocking demo performance (it skews even older than All Saints), this is surprising.

  5. Rescue: Special Ops will die.

    Australians can smell a copycat show a mile away.

    Unfort. even if this show is really good, it won’t be able to overcome to “yawn” / “copycat” / “me too” factor – which people will see a million miles away.

  6. Who didn’t see this coming?

    I’m just amazed they don’t have a 22 ep season yet.

    The problem with this and UB is they have very little re-run appeal and even on DVD don’t seem to be doing as well as UB season 1, maybe it was the Victorians buying up all the DVDs leading to a shortage?

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