Seven programming update

Some minor changes involve Criminal Minds, Triple Zero Heroes, Surgery Saved My Life, Grey's Anatomy, Lipstick Jungle and more.

hotch-criminal-mindsA number of changes, mostly minor, to Seven programming in coming weeks.

Triple Zero Heroes will air place of The Zoo at 7:30pm Tuesday July 7. Narrated by John Waters, this is labelled as a “special episode” rather than a “series return.”

It is followed by the finale of Find my Family. At 10:30pm, is a series return of Surgery Saved My Life, bumping Lipstick Jungle back to 11:30pm.

On Wednesday July 8th Seven has a TBA from 7:30 – 9pm, which pushes Criminal Minds finale to 9pm and My Name is Earl to 10pm.

On Thursday July 9, Grey’s Anatomy has a double episode to take the place of no more Private Practice. Heroes will have its finale at 11pm.

Viewers wondering where Saved went can see it at 12am Tuesday July 7 (Monday night).

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  1. @Tash: Private practice has its season finale the thursday before. it had less eps than greys this season. Greys has its ‘massive’ season finale july 16 which is the same night Rush starts… should be interesting.

  2. david can you confirm that 7 has moved heroes back to 11pm this week in brisbane? when this change happened for the rest of the states a while ago brisbane and sydney stayed at 10:30pm, but this week my EPG says 11pm. thanks.

  3. So PP is out for good? or just this week? Thankfully i’ve seen all the eps.

    So Greys is from 830 to 1030? whats from 1030 to 11 then??

    and what was with How i met your mother coming on as well on wednesday nights anyway?

  4. I wonder what show will take the Thurs 8.30pm slot once Grey’s is done…The Amazing Race is the most likely option, although I can see Seven airing that World’s Strictest Parents crap in a slot like this. There’s also that TV Burp thing which Seven is no doubt hoping will turn into a TBYG-style megahit.

  5. Well this is great about Grey’s. It means the final episode will air at 8:30pm. I thought Seven may go for another week seeing as the finale of Grey’s wasnt a 2 hour finale its just how it got aired in the states. As for CM being pushed whats the go there.

  6. I wonder how The Jonathan Ross Show is going on Monday nights. I just read that BBC Worldwide has sold it to UKTV NZ, as well as BBC America and BBC Entertainment around the world. I hope 7 takes it off soon and then Foxtel can show it on UKTV.

  7. So this is for the 7th (and 8th) okay thanks for the heads up, nice we have a couple of weeks notice. And thinks for the info on Saved, looks like it could have been a good show, pity it didn’t last and was shelved for 3 years by ch7.

  8. true never thought about that. I would like double take to be 8:30… skit shows need swearing and crude jokes IMO
    with greys… does that mean the second ep in the double is the first ep of the final that aired as a double in the us (if that makes sense). talk about going for a cliffhanger.

  9. Strange that wednesday is TBA. the origin is not until a week later and TGYH wont be over. Possibly just a longer episode?!?!?!?!

    I wonder what will be taking place of the zoo (if 000 is just a one off) and find my family. time will tell.

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