Showrunners on spoilers

Think it's hard avoiding internet spoilers? It's even harder trying to create a show with them popping up everywhere, as these writers agree.

spoilersUS showrunners interviewed for The Hollywood Reporter agreed that spoilers, mostly through the internet (and occasionally through publicists), made their life next to impossible.

Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes, True Blood‘s Alan Ball, Mad Men‘s Matthew Weiner and Weeds‘ Jenji Kohan were part of a round table discussion.

“They want to be right. They want to be able to come back and say ‘I called it,'” says Kohan.

“And I also think they want to be part of the show,” says Ball.

Weiner even talks about “ex-communication” for fans who go too far.

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  1. Their used to be a time when anyone could freely download sides (the scripts used for casting guest spots on shows) but since fans started doing this and posting spoilers on fan sites and forums they have cracked do on this, you can still get them but you need to know why to look and who to ask unless you are a legitimate actor looking for work.

    I like spoilers for some shows but they can become addictive, it’s the whole idea of knowing something before most other people. So now I avoid most spoilers but with a number of shows taking months if not years to come to our screens it’s hard to avoid all of them.

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