Sneak Peek: Entourage

entourage2Season six of the HBO dramedy Entourage returns to US screens on July 12th. No word yet when it airs in Oz.

But here’s a peek at the trailer with Johnny Drama and the boys on the red carpet. Guests for this series include Aaron Sorkin, Zac Effron, Gary Cole and Lil Wayne.

Looking at this scene, you just know all those extras were told to cheer silently and the audio was dubbed over.

Doh. Been pulled. Here’s the teaser.


  1. Boom, Excellent News!!!

    This is a great show. I could never work out why Channel Ten never picked up this show, I would of thought it would of met their target market perfectly.

  2. Woo love, love, love entourage Season 5 was a definite return to form after a somewhat mild Season 4. Still Season 4 was better than many other shows around – such addictive fantasy television.

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