Susan Boyles over

susan-boyle-candid-13The story that just won’t kay down, Susan Boyle, is now accused by media of throwing a massive fit after losing the Britian’s Got Talent grand final.

Boyle is now being treated for an “emotional breakdown” and went on a massive backstage rampage after dancers Diversity were named winner. Minutes after the cameras stopped rolling she threw a massive diva tantrum which viewers did not get to see, reports The Daily Star newspaper in the UK.

She exploded with rage after being taken to her dressing room and was heard raging: “I hate this show. I hate it!”

Minutes later she burst out of her dressing room in her bra and went rushing down the corridor hurling four-letter abuse.

She chucked a cup of water over a floor manager who desperately tried to calm her down, as other stunned crew members rushed to restrain her.

Boyle was dragged to a make-up room and kept inside to regain her composure while the show’s producers were alerted.

“She went off the scale. She had been under enormous pressure all week,” a source told The Daily Star.

“Everyone expected her to win and deep down she believed she was going to. Losing just got to her.

“What she has failed to grasp is it doesn’t matter that she didn’t win. She’s going to get an album deal and be a huge star. Being runner-up was not a bad thing.”

Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan said last night that Boyle was “essentially fine”.

“She was very tired and hasn’t been sleeping,” Morgan told UK television.

“She has just gone away to have some time to herself and to sleep and eat, doing all the things she hasn’t been able to do in the last week.”

Her brother Gerry added: “She is a bit tired and maybe even a wee bit homesick. She’s not happier, but she is feeling more rested today.”



  1. To Sharpy: if the “ugly man” you’re referring to is Paul Potts, he was actually two years ago. And the difference between Mr. Potts and Ms. Boyle is obviously mental.

    Even from the first audition, Ms. Boyle wasn’t the full quid, so all this extra pressure on her and everything must have really got to her even more. Borrowing a mobile phone to call her cat might be normal to her however, as long as Pebbles can use a phone.

  2. If it makes people feel better, I was tearing her down right from the get-go… the whole “ugly woman can actually sing” global phenomena was tragic, much like last years “ugly man can actually sing” phenomena…

  3. i dont know why, but i have this feeling something bad is going to happen … if you know what i mean. poor thing is being hounded by the media and people on the streets talking s**t to her… it will be one very sad story to fame ..
    i hope shes alright maybe she should go in hiding until this blows over..

  4. it is tragic …… and makes me feel physically sick.

    i hope she gets well …. and manages to regain some happiness … although, i don’t know if the tabloid vultures will ever leave her alone again.

  5. So after hyping her up into the biggest story of the year, the sharks of the British media commence tearing her down for their readers’ voyeuristic pleasure. How tragic.

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