Thank God You’re Switched

Seven makes a switcheroo to programming of Thank God You're Here with Ghost Whisperer to avoid a State of Origin clash.

shanebourne2Seven has made a switcheroo on Ghost Whisperer and Thank God You’re Here for Wednesday June 24th / Thursday June 25th due to Nine’s State of Origin match in the Sydney and Brisbane markets.

Normal programming continues in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Last time a match played Seven withheld Thank God entirely.

Instead it has opted for a Thursday night screening on June 25 at 7:30pm in Sydney and Brissy. The episode features Anh Do, Julia Zemiro, Colin Lane and, in his first appearance, Adam Hills.

The switcheroo also means Hills will be competing with himself in ABC2’s usual 8pm Thursday repeat of Spicks and Specks.

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  1. Mydoona, at least they promote it and they are showing it in a good timeslot

    unlike 24, prison break, lost etc

    I have still yet to see a promotion for prison break and i watch tonnes of 7 shows.


  2. Seven treats ‘Ghost Whisperer’ like crap so I am glad I don’t bother to watch them when they play on Seven, How do they think they are going to keep an audience when they change the day and times of a show every other week.
    Thankgod for Foxtel I say!

  3. It’s a very smart move by Ch7, Cause ‘Spicks & Specks’ on Thursday night rates extremely poor. and Ch7 would head for defeat if it went head-2-head with State of Origin. so if other 2/10/SBS were smart they would hold thier best rating shows on a Wednesday Night hold off until Thursday it would a very interesting Thursday Night ratings Night

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