THIS afternoon, a capital idea

Nine has dragged out the Upper and Lower caps to title its new arvo show.

this-afternoonNine’s new one-hour live news program launching next Monday at 4.30pm is a bright, new hope for the network.

So much so that they’ve dragged out the CAPS for the title.

Officially the show is titled with upper and lower case, THIS afternoon.

Following on from the spelling of homeMADE and various forms of TODAY and The Today Show, it is becoming a little tiring. Whatever happened to good old Title Case and then showing your worth from your content? Will we next be copping A CURRENT affair or Random ACTS of kindness too?

It reeks of faux gravitas and distracts from the content.

THIS afternoon promises news, the latest entertainment stories, topical talking points and live interviews, with three presenters: Katrina Blowers, Andrew Daddo and Mark Ferguson.

Blowers is a radio presenter, author and newspaper columnist, while Andrew Daddo has considerable experience in the genre with Seven. He has also given up a prized ABC Radio role for the new show. They are joined by newsreader Mark Ferguson and a team of reporters who will file stories from around the nation.

Nine’s Director of Network News, Mark Calvert said: “If you want to be informed as well as entertained, THIS afternoon will be the program to watch.

“We’ll bring viewers right up to date with the day’s top news stories as they’re unfolding, debate the big issues facing Australia, and help families deal with what life can throw at them. We will also be having a bit of fun with the stranger stuff that happens in the world,” he said.

“Our hosts are great company and keen to try something different. They’ll be bold, and at least one of them is beautiful.”


Daddo said: “It’s not often you get the opportunity to start something from scratch, and it was this, coupled with the chance to have dinner with my kids, that enticed me away from my job at ABC radio.”

Blowers added: “Having recently been a stay-at-home mother, I know first-hand that afternoons have been crying out for a program like this – one that’s a little out-of-the-box. I am thrilled that not only is this sort of show now going to exist, but I’m going to be part of it.”

Nine, now rather famously, axed Extra in order to bring THIS afternoon live (at least to the east coast). It was a show that chugged along for nearly 18 years without any CAPS.

Next Monday, viewers will be able to pass judgement on whether it was a wise move or NOT.

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  1. If you would like to make your program take off you need to make it unique. I think you should have a guest from the public each week as a paid job for a week. I also would like to put to you to have a segment on how we can make Australia a better place and how we can make the government more productive. How can we fill the government coffers without being taxed? A billion dollar lottery. This would make Australia tens of billions of dollars each year even if we only have one draw. I like your program but i think it needs work. if you want my help just ask..

  2. Aren’t Channel Nine by law between the Hours of 4 and 6pm supposed to be showing Childrens Programming?
    Hows does a one hour news show qualify as something that your 5 to 15 year old can come home from school and watch?It doesn’t and no I am not a parent with Children but am remembering the good old days when Channel Nine after School was Humphrey Bear,Channel Niners and Looney Tunes Cartoons.

    1. Franz it’s a lot more flexible (and let’s not forget TEN screens Bold & Beautiful and News).

      Excerpt from ACMA:
      (a) A licensee must broadcast a combined total of at least 390 hours of C material and P material in each year.
      (b) Material broadcast for CTS 3 (1) (a) must include at least 260 hours of C material and at least 130 hours of P material.
      (c) A licensee must broadcast C material for a continuous period of time of not less than 30 minutes: (i) every weekday between the hours of 7.00am and 8.00am or 4.00pm and 8.30pm; to a total of at least 130 hours per year; and in addition (ii) at any time in the C band to a total of at least 130 hours per year.

      C band means the following periods of time:
      (a) 7.00am to 8.00am Monday to Friday; / (b) 4.00pm to 8.30pm Monday to Friday; / (c) 7.00am to 8.30pm Saturday, Sunday and school holidays.

  3. @ Jerome,

    Yeah I haven’t seen a promo yet at all, and when I watch The Today Show (or TODAY), they haven’t mentioned it at all. I hope they don’t just start the show without promos, as it will be a shock to the public, just like the Saturday edition of Today.

    I remember posting a comment on the other page about this CAPS, no caps issue. I personally like the idea, but this show should not have it. homeMADE was a smart idea as it showed creativity (which is what the show is about). If they want people to take this show seriously, they should have it either all upper case (which is the correct term!), all lower case or have proper English: “This Afternoon.”

    The logo on their website is really ugly too.

  4. I have to say this line up looks bland and expected. Mark is great for the news but I
    think Nine could have moved past the obvious presenter choices and gone out on a limb to do something a little edgier and different. The market they are after would surely prefer a more charismatic line up, something to make them laugh and be inspired by. I think the ideas behind Nine shows are good i.e Random Acts of Kindness, What’s Good For You and You Saved My Life but the execution of the idea is tragic and I personally find them all very hard to watch. Nine need to stop being so safe and soppy and actually focus on producing good new tv shows that are raw and entertaining not soggy crap that puts you off your dinner.

  5. has anyone seen any promotion for this yet? if they haven’t started they sure are cutting it fine. you’d think they’d advertise during the view, i can understand if it’s not in primetime. but even shows like ellen and new idea TV got a decant promotion before they started.

  6. Thanks Steph. I should have said “sunSET”. Nine, tell me how this will differ from Sunrise, Today, The Morning Show, 9AM, KAK. TEN owns the afternoon and early evening with Raymond, Bold & Beautiful and TEN News which often nudges one mil.

  7. Judging from comments here, we (the viewing public) are not impressed.
    Take note Nine – I like others will not be watching.
    Crap title looking for attention means show looks like crap.

    Mind you, maybe Nine is catering to the SMS generation or those that need repetition in their life aka 2 and half men 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

  8. Not watching This Afternoon. Won’t leave NINE news until Paige’s gone, and even then, Kay and AoK won’t get my remote, as I am switching to Ten’s news.

    Moral of this comment: This has happened before, learn from Melbourne viewers twenty two years ago.

  9. Well at least they’re trying something, given the success that seven has in airing fairy floss instead of real news (I’m looking right at you Sunrise) then I reckon this could hurt Seven’s 4.30 news. Given Nine is getting pummelled in these timeslots they’ve gotta try something.

  10. Wont be watching channel nine from 4.30 onwards, bring back EXTRA ,channel changing is so easy these days with the remote I’m now going to SEVEN so long nine, hope other EXTRA people follow my lead,

  11. This is a little ridiculous. They must be targeting viewers that need to be constantly reminded that they are watching THIS afternoon’s show, not tomorrow’s or yesterday’s.

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