Trouble in Paradise

trouble-in-paradiseTV Tonight has taken a sneak peek at Nine’s new series Trouble in Paradise.

As only one of two stories was supplied by Nine, this isn’t a full review, so much as a teaser of what to expect…

The story entailed two Aussies on a surfing holiday in Mexico, who, in a beach outpost find themselves at the mercy of corrupt local police.

Like true crime tales, such as Crime Investigation Australia, the format here is a mix of witness accounts and re-enactments.

The two men who were subjected to a terrifying ordeal at gunpoint now relive their experience from the safety of a television studio, as actors depict their experience before the cameras.

The incident would certainly be enough to deter anyone from wandering off the beaten track. They were lucky to survive.

The production values in this series, shot by Mason Media Group (The Mole, Who Dares Wins), are very handsome. This is well shot and well packaged, with strong reconstruction. If the sequence wasn’t actually shot in Mexico it certainly passes for it well enough.

A second, unpreviewed story in the first ep will take place in Poland.

While some have commented on the incongruous programming of following an uplifting travel series in Getaway with the foreboding Trouble in Paradise therafter, it shouldn’t detract from what at first glance looks like a promising series.

It airs 8:30pm June 25th on Nine.


  1. what a load of absolute crap, typical tabloid rubbish wheres the evdidence to support these events. the one i watched had two english lads being held hostage in Columbia for nine months then released with all thier origional possesions. Think about it people. Columbia has a current record of having at least 3000 hostages most of them local people of influence, they can round up anyone they want any time and they move camp frequently so the army doesnt find them, why would they wast good resources on two lads with no money, after the first 6-8 weeks they would know weather their going to get paid or not and if there is no money they usually shoot them or cut them up for body parts. this show is bulls**t.

  2. franz chong

    I watched the first one last week and found it rather interesting for anyone heading abroad into some of the world’s most dangerous spots not to mention useful.

  3. @RichoTB – I also really hope this show doesn’t turn out to be like Border Security and that filthy ilk. But I’ll see it for myself before I judge.

  4. Enough with the xenophobic vilification of other cultures, often which are more diverse and interesting than what we have here. Its bad enough there’s so many bloody paranoid fearmongering airport shows like Border Security, Border Security USA, Customs, et cetera. Now we have this joke of a show to add to the mix. I have no doubt this crap will rate somethig like 1.5 million, its a shame there’s so many bogans that are willing to lap this stuff up.

    I’m sure there’s some tourists from overseas who have had a lousy experience in Australia, will they show reports of the Indian students getting bashed in Melbourne or the Cronulla Riots? I think not. At least shows like Random Acts of Kindness have good intentions, this is just trashy TV at its worst.

  5. it will also be narrated by Liam Bartlett apparently. I would have liked to see Simon Bouda doing this. He has a great voice for this type of thing, and would most likely enjoy the variety away from News and ACA.

  6. Channel Nine (and Seven for that matter) just love to show how foreigners are dangerous whether coming here (Border Security) or visiting there (like this show). I guess it says alot about some people in this country that networks make these shows in the first place

  7. My husband is one of the 2 Aussies in the story about surfers being kidnapped in Mexico. The film crew did fly down to Mexico to do the reenactment. My husband tells me they have done a brilliant job in telling their story. Neither my husband nor his best friend held back in re-telling their story. The good news is that they finally have some closure by telling their story in what was the worst day of their lives. I knew both of them before the kidnapping and after; I was the girl Ed was dating and was there to help him when he came back over the border to the US. Now we’ve been married for 20 years!

  8. Who Dares Wins. I love that show. Why don’t they bring that back, i’m sure people will be up for anything for a bit of cash with a recession and all.

  9. This sounds very much like the series Banged Up Abroad(NG Adventure on Foxtel – which is excellent I might add). Banged up also uses accounts and re-enactments.

  10. Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a crossover episode where one of the Getaway team finds Trouble in Paradise. They could call it Adults Only Celebrity Trouble in Paradise.

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