TV1’s Farrah Fawcett tribute

ff1TV1 will pay tribute to Farrah Fawcett by replacing tomorrow night’s Law and Order at 7.35pm with a specially chosen “Farrah packed episode” of Charlie’s Angels, ‘Angels on Wheels.’

TV1 is also running a special memorial 60 second tribute throughout their normal programming this coming week.

It honouring the much-loved actress TV1 will call for viewers to donate to Bowel Cancer Australia.

Donations can be made at or by phoning 1800 555 494.

Further information about anal cancer can be found at

Charlie’s Angels also screens 11am Sunday mornings on 9HD.


  1. What this highlights is how disturbingly TV1 has become USA Network with endless reruns of Law & Order 7 nights a week, they used to have great shows dammit. Now it’s all crime dramas – and aside from Columbo and Quincy, none with any colour – enough already.

  2. Has the documentry “Farrah’s Story” been on TV here in Aus yet? Or do you know if there are any plans for any of the networks to screen it?

  3. Nice idea but a bit stingy on the part of TV1. They have a whole catalogue of Charlie’s Angels to show, can’t they skip one night of L&O for once and show a mini-marathon or something?

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