TV’s Flash Forward promotions

ffRemember that buzz word ‘fastracking?’ It was the word of 2007 when our networks suddenly kicked things up a notch with airing shows swiftly after their US seasons. It had happened intermittently until then, but the power (or threat) of the internet shook things up a lot.

Networks even got in a huff about who “owned” the word ‘Fastracked’ which Seven used for its branding. Then the writers’ strike hit, and suddenly networks were put on the backfoot. Having taken the leap of faith with hot, new episodes ahead of regular programming, they were drying up fast.

By 2008 everybody was using the word. By 2009 it’s barely heard, even if some networks are still bringing shows to our screens in a relatively short time frame. The truth is the real fastracking is happening in our talk shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman, The View etc. It just doesn’t sound as sexy as when it’s applied to dramas like NCIS or The Mentalist.

Now we are seeing promos and teasers for new product that is “coming soon.”

Seven has on air promos for Flash Forward, the new US drama in which a mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds. Each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now. When they wake up, everyone is left wondering if what they saw will actually happen.

But is it a promotional flash forward too? The show doesn’t air in the US until the Fall season, which is September.

Given we’ve just entered June, the window to promote the show is practically right up there with the Olympics.

Meanwhile Nine has some web teasers for forthcoming product including Rescue: Special Ops, which only recently commenced production. At least these are aimed at media buyers, rather than general public.

There are teasers for more Aussie Ladette to Lady and Farmer Wants a Wife too. Also included are Australia’s Perfect Couple, Survivors, Trouble in Paradise and, bizzarely, that Superstars of Dance series that ended months ago in the US as a flop. It includes Aussie dancers Rhys Bobridge and the Australian Dance Theatre. Hard to know why Nine didn’t slate that sooner, especially given they sent out publicity releases trumpeting its acquisition.


  1. Can’t wait for this show, its a good replacement for Lost really which has dragged on too long. Should do well, all of Seven’s well promoted serials have premiered with close to or exceeding 2 million viewers i.e Lost, Prisonbreak, Heroes, Bionic Woman (1.5 mil) so this looks pretty much set to be a hit, for how long is another story.

  2. i’m exited for this show purely because it is on 7, i was looking forward to some others but that wen’t out the window when 9 got hold of them. 7 is already promoting the hell out of it which is a great indicator that they will treat it well.

  3. I’m so excited about this show, I hope it lives up to it’s trailer. If it does, then I won’t be as sad to see Lost go next year as it kind of seems like a replacement.

  4. Oh good, I was wondering what that was. I was getting confused if they were trying to sell something or get me to log on to the Ch7 site.

    Ch9 also fast tracks Entertainment Tonight.

  5. Flash Forward is based on a Robert J Sawyer book of the same name. The Flash in question happens with the Large Hadron Collider is switched on for the first time. I knew they were filming it, and have always hoped it would screen to coincide with the LHC power-up. Maybe it will. That will make for a ‘War of the Worlds’ type broadcast and mass hysteria!

  6. I will definitely be checking out this show when it airs. However given that 7 lost my trust a long time ago, and they can never tell the time properly, i refuse to watch it with them.

  7. This looks like an awesome show and good on 7 for giving it early promotion its builds up the buzz, no one knows if this will a a success here or in the states but why shouldn’t 7 take a chance I know the ABC in the states bgean promos before it was even offically picked up.

  8. Flash Forward sounds interesting but I hope it’s not over hyped and ends in a flop, shuffled back to late night.

    And yes what happened to “Fast Tracked” A number of shows air just weeks after the US but the average viewer would not know.

    Then again you have promos for shows like Survivors (from the UK) which aired over 6 months ago in late 2008. At least that is only a short series of 6 eps and Nine should air them without moving it to late night, if they air them. We all remember the countless promos for Primeval last year which never made it to our screens.

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