Twenty Two and Half Men

2-and-a-half-menTwo and a half  ‘Two and a Half Mens’ might be watchable, but there’s even more Charlie Sheen coming.

It’s now on 7:30pm Wednesday July 1 too. Added to regular Mondays, Tuesdays and in some cities, Fridays -on top of the 7pm screening- that makes the show more like ‘Twenty Two and a Half Men.’ And that’s despite the new episodes drying up.

All this for a show that Nine once couldn’t even get to rate?

On July 1 it’s followed by What’s Good For You at 8pm, while a one hour RPA shifts to 8:30pm and a new Cold Case at 9:30pm.

Nine had previously planned two Cold Case eps, but this now overrides those plans.

Any truth to the rumour that this photo was taken when Charlie Sheen turned on Channel Nine and was confused why there wasn’t anything else on offer except his own show?


  1. Like Craig says… Where are the new episodes, assuming there will be any? They’re supposed to be Mondays at 7:30pm, but the last couple of weeks have only seen repeats. Next Monday’s is marked as a repeat too.

    Oh and Andrew B, there are already two eps on Tuesday, just that now, for some inexplicable reason, they’ll be broken up by an ep of Big Bang. On the upside, it’s 90 minutes I can safely avoid Nine.

  2. Ridiculous. I don’t mind the show but with this kind of band-aid programming no wonder Seven and TEN are leaps and bounds ahead of Nine.

  3. Its sad that they would have to run this really great show into the ground… I used to love watching it, until the endless rpts.. you can put up with only so much.

  4. It’s a good show, but you can only lean so heavily on this until it starts to buckle. I’m also dismayed by this practice of teaming this sitcom with various lifestyle shows – that’s just insulting to viewers I think – who generally will watch a sitcom to get away from this cheaply produced rubbish that Seven and Nine pollute the airwaves with.

  5. Channel 9 used tobe leading the pack with it’s programming and is clearly lagging behind Channels 10 and 7. Time to sack your program director and poach somone from these networks. Channel 10 has done a great job of having shows tag one another

    eg Big Brother followed by Australian Idol followed by Biggest Loser etc. Now you have no BB but Masterchef. Clearly someone here has it right. And they are all Aussie shows. Go 10!!

  6. If channel nine can combine two and a half men into a reality tv show where people are given things in their moment of need, then they will just run that 24hours a day!

    This is another sign of why Nine particularity is failing. Trying to play it safe just turns more and more people off the networks. It’s as if the management has no long term goal about the network. A certain type of show does well they just make copies of the show or repeat it. It’s just ever dwindling down variety in their programming instead of building on programming to attrack new viewers.

  7. They did Ramsey to death last year, and they’ll do it to 2.5 Men and 20 to 1 this year. No one watch Ramsey this year. I’m guessing we’ll say the same to the other two shows next year.

  8. I’ll admit i just started watching this show, but only through DVDs. I would never watch endless reruns. I’m not opposed to the show itself, but channel nine using it as a band-aid solution to their programming problems.

  9. Hah, like the picture. But yeah this is getting ridiculous. If you know someone who watches this show, please implore them to stop!!!!

  10. And its on Tuesday nights at 9.30 as well from next Tuesday, as HomeMADE will no longer be on at that time in the lead up to its finale. So that’s 2 of them on Tuesdays.

  11. What happened last Monday? There was meant to be a new ep (I normally avoid the re-runs) but it was yet another repeat, so I switched channels.

    With all the eps where are the new ones and just how many do ch9 have left.

    The re-runs belong on 9’s 2nd SD where for those interested (and don’t get Fox8) can watch the show from the pilot. It seems perfect for the youth marker they are aiming that channel at.

  12. Irrespective of what people think of the Nine Network, it is clearly not beneficial to rely so heavily on one program. Nine episodes a week of the same sitcom on one free-to-air network? This is vritually inconcievable programming. To date the ratings have at least been adequate but we all know that is unlikely to continue as Nine cycle through the same hundred or so episodes in rapid succession.

    When it does start failing what are they going to replace it with? 20 to 1? CSI? All of their key programs are starting to lose luster and there seems to be little to replace them – particularly in the form of scripted material.

    Where are the new Australian sit-coms? No one even seems to be dreaming of creating Australian comedy anymore and it is very dispiriting.

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