US Casting: 24, Entourage

kate2Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff is said to be joining the 8th season of 24.

Her character is in a relationship with fellow agent Davis Cole (played by recently-announced Freddie Prinze. Jr.), and she apparently has a skeleton in her closet she’s trying desperately to keep hidden. But who doesn’t on 24?

Meanwhile Prison Break‘s William Fichtner will appear in Entourage, as Phil Yagoda, a slick TV producer who had a hit teen series in the 1990s and is trying to remake it with Johnny “Drama” Chase’s (Kevin Dillon) TV series.

Eli Stone‘s Matt Letscher will also appear as Dan Coakley, a handsome, arrogant TV studio executive who oversees Drama.

Source:, The Hollywood Reporter


  1. knowing 24, she will be the insider / snitch for the Terrorist. Honestly how many times have spies infiltrated CTU. Nina being a spy in Season 1 was the biggest twist & unexpected but after that it just started to get dumb. don’t know why I still watch it… 🙂

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