US casting: Heroes, Lost, Entourage, One Tree Hill.

tbag4An update on recent US casting indicated Robert Knepper (Prison Break’s T-Bag) will again play a villain, this time on Heroes.

Knepper was easily one of the best performers in FOX drama’s strong cast. Knepper has been cast as Samuel, a charismatic but evil character who will veer into the lives of all heroes. Meanwhile Californication‘s Madeline Zima will play Gretchen, Claire Bennet’s (Hayden Panettiere) college roommate in a multi-episode arc.

Emilie De Ravin is returning to Lost, making a comeback as a full-time series regular for the show’s final season.

Zac Effron has filmed a cameo for Entourage at the Beverly Hills Niketown store. “He was filming a scene and talking on his cell phone,” said one Niketown employee. “None of the other Entourage cast was here. He was really nice.”

Brian Austin Green was said to be joining One Tree Hill, playing Clayton, Nathan Scott’s sports agent and close friend, on the show’s upcoming seventh season, but there have been reports his people are back tracking.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. Oh man I can’t stand t-bag (only because of his role as terrence bagwell in prison break, which is a great show). Im sure he’s a nice guy in real life.

    Syler was in season 3 of 24, was a bit weird when i saw him in it because i wasn’t used to looking at him as a non-bad guy (i got into 24 after heroes aired)

  2. T-Bag on Heroes sounds like a great thrill, I’m looking forward to watching that! I wonder if Claire coming back on Lost will make her character undead like Christian Shepherd. Apparently Juliet’s only going to be back for 2 episodes next season (according to Ausiello), probably means she’ll be in the form of the Smoke Monster.

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