3.74m viewers power MasterChef finale

Last night's MasterChef finale took a record 3.74m viewers, the third highest show since OzTAM ratings began in 2001.

mcfMasterChef Australia‘s finale took an enormous 3,745,000 viewers last night.

The huge figure was for the last half hour of the show, titled MasterChef Australia: The Winner Announced.

For its first 90 minutes, MasterChef Australia: The Finale, it took 3.31m. The show peaked at 4.11m.

The figure blitzed its previous high, set last Thursday, of 2.36m and rocketed past the previous high for a non-sporting event since OzTAM ratings started in 2001, Australian Idol‘s 2004 finale with 3.35m.

It is now the third highest show since 2001.

TEN’s share for the night was a staggering 41.3%.

Julie Goodwin was awarded the inaugural title in the hit TEN series. A celebrity edition will launch in October.

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  1. The way ratings info is given out is so misleading. 3.7 million for Masterchef. That’s just how many watched in 5 TV markets, that make up only about 65% of Australians that have access to all 5 networks.
    NZ, US, UK and Canada all give national ratings numbers, we are the only country that still issues ratings for markets that make up just over half the nation.
    Box Office and magazine sales are are national, as are ARIA charts and website tracking. It seems so backwards that when it comes to TV ratings we ignore 35% of all Australians!

    I know this has traditionally been the ay things are done, as in the 5 largest markets the TV stations are by and large owned & operated by the networks. And regional stations have different owners. By that is no longer really the case anymore with Nine owning the Newcastle affiliate NBN and WIn Corp owning the Perth & Adelaide affil. It should not matter what the stations local branding is. The fact is 97% of Aussies get the five networks now, and OZTAM and RegionalTAM should start generating ratings in a national format.

    I always estimated that to get a national number you multiply by about 1.5. So, by that measure – Masterchef Finale got about 5.2 million viewers.

  2. darryn, unless your house has been equipt with the technlogy from OzTam to record what your watching, then none of your 6 tv sets contributed to last nights figure, I think ther eis a sample audience of 700 home sin melbourne that are connected to the survey, and then the figures are extrapolated from that

  3. See, I too would be questioning the ratings, if it wasn’t for the show doing gangbusters for the week prior. Even without official data a fair few people were speculating that this is the number of viewers the finale would get. I can’t see why there’s this suspicion.

    It’s kind of a moot point arguing about whether two televisions in the same house were counted. All viewer ratings are done using the same methodology, so if there is some inconsistency, then it’s present in all ratings scores.

    Plus I don’t know about you guys, but here in Perth, the talk about Masterchef was deafening. Just based on the word of mouth the ratings seem valid.

  4. @ hoople I agree ..but then I question the ratings system whenever ch7 gets any viewers at all 🙂 :)!! At least any viewers under 80 🙂

    And didn’t see that peak before..4.11m!!!

  5. Well done 10 – this is the first of your reality shows I’ve gone past the first episode on and you did a brilliant job from beginning to end…

    …even though Chris wuz robbed!!!!

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