60 Minutes: Reggie Bird

reggieIt was nearly a year ago that we first heard about Reggie Bird’s battle with retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

The former reality TV champion told her story to a magazine. It followed her appearance on the finale of Big Brother.

This Sunday she talks to Michael Usher for a piece on 60 Minutes.

Reggie’s Biggest Battle
We knew her as Reggie Bird, the down-to-earth Tassie battler on Big Brother. When you meet her, you can see why she was the show’s most popular winner, ever. Reggie’s been through some tough times and she’s managed to survive them all with a smile. But now she’s going to need all the courage and strength she can muster. She’s losing her sight, in fact, she has only 10 per cent vision, which makes her legally blind. Even more worrying, her little daughter, Mia, could suffer the same fate. As you can imagine, it’s been a trying time, especially when Mia’s DNA test results finally came in.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Phil Goyen

It airs 7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. I will defiantly watch it Reggie was the best out of all BB winners yep I agree carta it would have been great if Reggie had been on BB a year later and won the million thanks for the article David I would have probably missed 60 minutes otherwise

  2. If only Reggie had been on the show a year later and won the million dollar prize – she would have been better able to cope with her situation financially….

    She’s the only winner who would have won no matter what season she was in.

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