7PM Project: the verdict?

So did you catch TEN's new 7pm Project, and if so what did we think?

7pmIf you watched tonight’s premiere of TEN’s new 7PM Project and care to share your thoughts, here is the place to do so.

Did we like: Yes? No? Maybe?

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  1. I think they are starting to hit their stride now. Tonight was pretty good 🙂 They should sign Kitty Flanagan for the rest of the series too – she’s frickin hilarious!!

  2. I really like that it is live.

    I will continue to watch it.

    I agree that is is strange to mix serious news stories with funny ones.

    I think that they should keep it lighthearted and forget the sad and serious news stories.

    I also think it’s a bit boring how they have Carrie reading the news then one panel member saying a funny comment.

    Why not do it more like The Panel used to be. Just a bunch of people chatting together about the news of the day.

    They could also do more fun things like hit the streets for a “vox pop” – like Sam Newman’s street talk.

    What about getting “guest” celebrities to appear on the panel?

    : )

  3. Truly awful show!! Is it just made to cross promote other shows on channel ten?? Charlie from Generation, the blond from Rove, Dave Hughes from the bottom of the barrel….its like they took a bunch of elements from other programs and combined it into one terrible 2nd rate program…..
    I would rather be watching Seinfeld repeats for the 50th time please Channel 10

  4. They need to get rid of the serious news stories like the one on bullying last night. It brings the flow of the show to a standstill. They should just focus on the stories they can make fun of. No one wants to hear Hughesy ramble on about how bad bullying is, they just want him to be funny. And please pre-record the show so the awkward silences where no one knows what they’re doing are cut out.

  5. They call it news? I hardly think getting the winner of a reality show competition to cook in some unknown family’s kitchen is news. I’m watching Mr. Bean from now on.

  6. Over hyped crap! If it’s a news program then just give me the news… don’t sell my your crap 10c ‘personalities’….. these people are no talent wannabe’s…. I don’t care what a bunch of un funny imbeciles think about the news…. I’d rather watch Seinfeld again!!!

  7. I dont particularly enjoy the 7pm project. It so unorganised. Like I watched it yesterday night and they were all talking and then went quiet for like 5 seconds because nobody had a clue what they were doing.
    And really, its not even that funny.
    I also thought that Ruby Rose was meant to be on the show. Shes been on it once and for like what 5 minutes of airtime.
    Its just a unorganised pointless show.

  8. @neon kitten, i am aware that mathison meant no harm by it and that the kids were not scared, but it still seams like a stupid thing to do, this is just my opinion, but in general i don’t think he really contributed much to the show, and was kind of just there for the sake of it, also his pretending to be angry through out segment seemed pretty lame.

  9. No matter whether you’re for or against, the sheer amount of comments here show that it won’t be going anywhere.

    Look how many of you are tuning in for the so called “train wreck” factor… soon you’ll be tuning in cos “there’s nothing else on”… before you know it, you’ll be tuning in cos God forbid you like it….

  10. Okay, second night. Better, but still a mess.

    Charlie Pickering was back to being his usual self, thankfully, and that made a difference. The direction’s a shambles, though – and all those who compare this to Rove must surely not have noticed that the past two years of Rove have been slickly, smoothly produced.

    Once again, the mix of serious death/terrorism/murder news with lightweight stuff simply doesn’t work. This was a fine line for Jennifer Keyte to tread back in the Tonight Live days, and they never completely solved it way back then. The “serious news” needs to go. Immediately.

    All three looked much more comfortable, which was a good thing (though you’d kind of think that would have been the point of heaps of non-aired rehearsals!)

    As for the knife thing, “Mac” – sheesh, how timid were you as a child? Enough with the political correctness. I found it funny, the kids found it funny, the kids’ parents found it funny, and nobody felt threatened for a second. That ain’t an “incident”. Sorry to burst your controversy bubble.

  11. For me, the biggest issue with the show is that they’re packing too much into it. I think the first segment is fine – a quick fire review of the news with the main aim being comedy. The second or third segment needs to spend a bit more time looking at a particular issue.

    Rather than having 30 seconds with someone like Scott Pape, why not 5 minutes, and ask for some viewer questions on Twitter or Skype (the website is full of stuff about Twitter and Skype). At the moment I’m leaving the show reasonably entertained, but I don’t think that’s enough. I want to learn something, whether that be about the day’s events or some other newsy issue.

  12. I think James forgot that he was holding a knife and was meant to wave the carrot at the boy.

    I just can’t watch this again since there’s no more MasterChef to talk about.

    My only other suggestion is to have it once a week on a Friday with maybe the week in review or something … but then again there is Good News Week. How many people do we need telling us what you can find on the internet.

  13. Drop the serious news headlines altogether. We don’t need it when most have already watched a news bulletin anyway. I find it very disconcerting watching Carrie going from serious newsreader (e.g. the bringing home of the bodies of Australians killed overseas) one minute, then joking about another item only seconds later.

    Just go for the amusing or at least, touchable stories of the day – steer clear of any that are not open to being joked about. It is only a matter of time before something tasteless slips out. Then you will go down the same path as The Chaser.

    Overall, I thought tonight;s show had a few more laughs. Will keep watching.

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