7PM Project: the verdict?

So did you catch TEN's new 7pm Project, and if so what did we think?

7pmIf you watched tonight’s premiere of TEN’s new 7PM Project and care to share your thoughts, here is the place to do so.

Did we like: Yes? No? Maybe?

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  1. I cannot wait till this gets axed…I hate it so much!

    I even hate the way they dress so formally! Cant you just do the show from a couch!?

    I would rather sit in a cafe listening to Uni students complain about how their bourgeois coffee has spilt on their copy of 1984, and that is saying something.

  2. i absolutely distain charlie pickering. he is a greasy looking twit with bad facial hair and what looks to be a perm. i cannot beleive rove has produced this and let pickering be the host he ruins what is otherwise a pretty alright show

  3. To David Hughes,

    Dear David,

    You are a witty person and quick for replies, but you need to take better control of the panel in the sense that all of you are not talking over each other at the same time. My family like the show, but for it to suceed new ideas need to be created but keep the ad lib going. This should not end up like a show that is rehearsed because the whole concept would be ruined. David you are a funny person but there are times when you have to show your self controled serious side. Hang in there buddy.

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