A minor media backlash

ANTM5It’s probably time for media to back off Australia’s Next Top Model runner-up Cassi Van Den Dungen.

After all the 17yo certainly helped the show get its fair share of press over the course of the series.

Today, one article simply quotes her as saying, “Listen. I am not talking to you guys at all,” before hanging up.

The angle this week is that she has rejected offers of representation and modelling, apparently in favour of spending time with her boyfriend.

Judge Charlotte Dawson questions her priorities.

Nobody has bothered to ask whether time on ANTM -a show that blatantly thrives on its bitchy tone- has actually turned her off pursuing modelling?

Or if the contracts that were offered were to her liking.

But why let these things get in the way of a better story, which is that the girl the show itself labelled as ‘bogan’ is going back to Sunbury and snubbing golden opportunities. It’s also in the show’s interests for her to forge a successful career.

But “no comment,” even if colourfully delivered, is the most-used showbiz phrase in modern existence. It’s the prerogative of anyone who doesn’t care to play the game.

At 17, Cassi is still a minor, and has just emerged from the ANTM bubble. Hopefully media cut her some slack, and Foxtel publicists and associate producer Sarah Murdoch do their best to continue a duty of care?

Source:  news.com.au


  1. Her mother lives in LA and while it’s the same country it’s hardly the next street over.

    She’s 17, her fiancee is in her ear to use the cash she’s gotten from the show and from Fashion Week to start a business for him/them. He’s on to a good thing, why would he let his meal ticket run off to New York to be famous?

  2. @Rach

    Cassi got an international offer from Elite Model Management in New York (the same company Alice Burdeu is with) and walked away from it, however having said that I would wonder if an offer came from England if she would go (she seemed to favour England in the show), perhaps New York may not have been for her due to her Mother living there either (Cassi seemed to want to break out on her own).

  3. Neon Kitten

    Well said.

    And Cassi’s obviously not the dumb bogan the media seems to want to make her out to be. After all, unlike most, she had the smarts to tell a News Limited paper to sod the hell off. I think she’ll do just fine.

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