Advance Screening: Glee

gleeTEN will tease viewers with the first episode of Glee in exactly the same way the FOX did in the US -by playing the first episode well ahead of the series, due later in the year.

The series, by Nip / Tuck and Popular creator Ryan Murphy has generated a lot of buzz in the US. The first ep screened there following the finale of American Idol, the show which partly inspired it.

Here it will enjoy an equally big lead-in, following the finale of MasterChef Australia at 9pm Sunday July 19th.

Set in a high school, the show revolves around a choir of underdog performers and misfits.

With Murphy at the helm, it’s bound to be hot.


  1. For someone in my age group ( 60 yrs and over) Glee is a fantastic show and I have been watching the show ever since it started out here in Australia and I will continue to watch the show. It is good to see the young people having a go and also showing the talent that they have.
    Even people with disabilities, such as the young guy in the wheelchair, keep up the work there young man, hope that this show will go on forever, I will continue to watch it.

  2. Loved the pilot. Was great. And I think it will be a hot show, but I think it will be a bit ‘cultish’. I can’t see it staying on FTA for very long and Ten will prob have to ‘fasttrack’ because fans will get it from somewhere else…..

  3. I liked the pilot but not sure how it will rate, guess it’s targeted at the Idol crowd so it might just work on TEN.

    😆 I wonder how many have seen it already, maybe that’s why TEN is putting it on now?

  4. Haha Grosse Point was classic.

    Cannot wait to see this and am thrilled to see Ten will eventually run it.

    I can’t remember but did Perez say this already got a second season? Or just extended season?

    I don’t see this lasting long unforunately but I know it’s going to be one of those great shows that never had a chance.

    Looks like a lot of fun.

    Speaking of pilots did anyone see the unpicked up Barely Legal starring Hilary Duff? I heard it’s terrible but all the same I’d love to see what they did hehe.

  5. on a few occasions i have already seen the teaser clips for this show on Ten, looks like they used a copy of the bit torrent though cause it was a little “grainy” and not usual SD quality footage.

    love that they are marketing this properly and trying a new approach. Hopefully it takes off. The first episode is very promising. They have even used twitter to get the message out.

  6. It’s a great pilot… should be a good show. Hopefully Ten promotes it properly. It deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

  7. This show reminds me of ‘Grosse Point’ which was excellent but underwatched and then cancelled after one (I think) season 🙁

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