Airdate: Airways. Returning: Surf Patrol

tiger4Airways, Seven’s newest factual series (first tipped on TV Tonight) will start 7:30pm Tuesday July 14.

The series, filmed around budget airlines Tiger Airways, is put together by Border Security producers.

Corrine Grant has been reported as presenter of the series.

It will be followed by the series return of Surf Patrol, now hosted by Tom Williams at 8pm.


  1. Love these airline shows – the UK ones are brilliant in a I-can’t-believe-the-airline-lets-all-this-go-to-air way.

    But why, why did the local one have to be done by Meenan and his crack team of editors doing their patented “ok, moron, here’s what you just saw 2 minutes ago again, because we know you didn’t get it” thing.

    Oh, they’ll do exactly that. You know they will. Half hour slot, 7 minutes of content.

  2. Another day, another new factual from Seven. I like Corrine but I have no idea why she would associate herself with this boring, over-used genre. I hope the Bondi Rescue rip-off and this Airways show, er, crash and burn. Down with factuals, I say!

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