Airdate: Australia’s Perfect Couple

Get ready for eight couples who will be tested in intimacy, trust, endurance and commitment for a cash prize.

auscNine’s newest local show Australia’s Perfect Couple will premiere 7:30pm Wednesday July 22nd.

The one hour show hosted by Jules Lund, introduces eight couples who will be tested in intimacy, trust, endurance and commitment. A prize of “up to” $250,000 is on offer.

The show, which also includes one same sex male couple and two virgins, runs for six weeks.

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  1. ok now i have watched this show once and i have a question ok here i go
    in the starting credits they have then rolling down a massve hill in a big ball could any one tell me what they are callled???????? any way im not a big fan of the show i would rather watch worlds strictest parents lol c ya

  2. Why do you have to put this crap on TV?? The concept is crap!! Please give us something, an American cop show will do. That would be better than than this rubbush, please, please free to air TV put sometthing entetaining on, not this crap. Please Please Pleeeeease!!!!!! You are now contributing to the rubbish that is on TV! This is Crap TV Crap concept!!!!

  3. @ Jed,

    Completely agree. Why do networks seem to splash out money to the winners?It’s not like people are going to watch the show just for seeing someone win money. Like people will watch So You Think You Can Dance even if they didn’t give a $200 000 prize. It’s ridiculous what the networks do. Even if they couldn’t do anything else with it, maybe donate to a charity. And Nine should not be splashing out money. At least use that money to build a proper set for Nine News Melbourne. Seriously, my cataracts are burning out from all the blue.

  4. I predict another fail for Nine with this one. Who cares about 8 couples and how good of a couple they are? And $250,000 for the best couple. Come on Nine maybe you should spend that money on actually finding a decent show. Plus its hosted by Jules Lund. Enough said.

  5. Jules Lund is a tool, hes like the male Jackie O of TV, everything he hosts fails..why nine persist with him is beyond me, up against that stictest parents show on 7, this will fail spectacularly!

  6. Hear hear Todd. I hope people flock to The Simpsons with two trashy shows up against it (even if they are Australian) – both of which will probably to try and play the “heart-warming” card to mask their inherent trashiness.

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