Airdate: Crusoe

Nine will screen the NBC adventure series on Saturday nights later this month.

crusoe1Nine launches the US family adventure series, Crusoe this month.

Based on the classic tale, the series stars Philip Winchester, Tongayi Chirisa and Sam Neill. It was uniquely produced by a British production company for NBC.

The series premiered in the US last October but after a disappointing reception did not survive past 13 episodes.

After he’s shipwrecked, Robinson Crusoe and his companion Friday face the adventures and challenges of life on a deserted island in this action-packed television series based on Daniel Defoe’s classic novel. The only thing keeping Crusoe sane is the memories of his past life and the love of his life. Stars Philip Winchester, Tongayi Chirisa and Australia’s Sam Neill.

It premieres on Nine 7:30pm Saturday July 18th.

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  1. have jsut got off the phone from channel nine they have pulled it from the18/7/2009 and have not decided when they are going to show it instead they are putting on harry potty

  2. There’s no way in hell that 9 will give this a full run in this timeslot, even if it only just 13 episodes.
    For anyone who’s going to give it a go, good luck with having to put up with it being moved around and eventually vanishing for who knows how long.

  3. Really? Whew thank goodness Ive seen it, one can’t trust nine to telivise a whole series any series from go to whoa. I loved it, huge fan of the ep Smoking Mirrors I think it was called. Sam Neill is his usual very devious self. Rollicking good fun is Crusoe

  4. Totally agree, GuanoLad. They threw lots of money and a good cast at it but in the end nothing overcomes bad storytelling.

    Bit of a rip-off they called it Crusoe anyway. Apart from a shipwreck and an island,
    it’s really got nothing to do with the classic book.

  5. Crusoe started out as a potentially really excellent adventure show. Then it very rapidly fell into a repetitious, predictable concept, that strained against its “Robinson Crusoe” premise.

    It’s a shame. With just a little more creativity in the storylines, it could’ve run for a while.

  6. i would have thought that Singing Bee would be better suited to the Saturday 7:30 slot. It certainly has a similar to AFHVS. This looks interesting, but it doesn’t have the right lead-in

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