Airdate: Dance Your Ass Off

Nine makes a do or die move with an American cable reality hybrid, running for 90 minutes in a primetime slot.

dyaoSome ideas really make you wonder.

Nine has slated the US cable series Dance Your Ass Off into a primetime 7:30pm Tuesday timeslot, to run on July 21st.

Hosted by Broadway actress Marissa Jaret Winokur this is a 90 minute episode.

It will see 12 plus-size players who will dance off for a $100,000 prize while attempting to lose weight at the same time.

Tuesdays were the original night that Seven scored with Dancing with the Stars, but Nine’s programming of this one would have to be a do or die move. And it probably knows it.

Previous plans for a Harry Potter film are now out, with this premiere followed up by a repeat of Two and a Half Men, plus 20 to 1 and a Little Britain repeat.

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  1. I know I’m only adding my voice to a chorus here but Nine is increasingly looking like Ten circa 2008 or worse Seven circa 2004, the wheels have well and truly fallen off and I second the comments about the inept programmer in charge of this operation – among this year’s stupid, stupid moves…

    Pulling high rating 10.30 shows like ER and Survivor off the air
    Failing to capitalise on the huge audience for Underbelly
    Treating the CSI spinoffs as spac-filler resulting in some markets missing out on eps, CSI Miami running out of sync between Sydney and Melbourne, 9.30 Sundays turned into the CSI mystery wheel where you don’t know what version you’re going to get.
    The fumbling of the final season of Without a Trace
    The near fumbling of Cold Case
    The fumbling of Celebrity Singing Bee
    Axing their travel disaster show after one bad Ashes affected performance
    The whole sorry Mark Ferguson affair
    Getting cold feet on making HomeMADE a strip
    Buying HomeMADE in the first place
    Buying an extra series of Ladette to Lady before seeing how the current one turned out
    Pairing Two and a Half Men with Half-Assed factuals
    Scheduling (then not promoting) really boring Friday movies in AFL markets
    Promoting their “superior” news coverage in the wake of the Michael Jackson death only to have it completely undermined by Richard Wilkins’ reporting of Jeff Goldblum’s death!

  2. The scheduling of this program and its subsequent failing does raise one of the most interesting questions in Australian TV.

    What photos does Michael Healy have of David Gyngell/James Packer ? That is the only reason why I can see he still has his job after failing to deliver a schedule for Nine that actually works or even comes close to working. Or maybe he has the job because no-one else in the country wants it.

  3. Ugh, Nine! Just because The Biggest Loser rates well doesn’t mean fat people jiggling around a stage will.

    If it was aired at like 2AM then I wouldn’t have a problem, but prime time? Seriously?? What on earth are you guys thinking? Is it just me or is Nine becoming what TEN became last year with their ratings crash, constantly moved around shows and pretty horrid shows aired?

  4. Why bother watching when we all know it will be off after 3 weeks? 1st one will do OK, 2nd one below 1 million, 3rd lower. No 4th. Look at Trouble in Paradise.

    And yes, the show’s a bad idea best suited to a later time slot or better yet – Arena or something on Foxtel. 9 to be 3rd on Tuesdays still…

  5. Old Kerry would have sacked most of the senior staff before the network got to this point.

    This really is a desperate move. The show looks and sounds like a niche cable tv stle program neither designed nor intended for the bigger scope of free-to-air. They must known this is not going to work so it seems silly to even try.

  6. thank you TomK, exactly right. This is one of the many reasons why the so called ‘Nine Haters’ say mean and nasty comments about their beloved network – airing trash like this in a prime slot. They’ve taken off Trouble in Paradise prematurely, too bad if u were into it. Just foolish, irresponsible programming in my opnion.

    Imagine the difference if Mr Packer were alive.

  7. i just saw the ad for this and OMG they haven’t even tried to make it look good. hasn’t got a chance against generation, the factuals, rafters and NCIS.

    i’m usually one to respect others opinion but anyone that decides to watch this american trash over aussie great quality shows deserves to be shot.

  8. problem: being the lowest rated commercial network on the most competitive nights of the week
    solution: surely not this! at least you don’t need to pay for dead air (which would probably rate higher!)

    NB. to any people out there who complain that there are unjust 9 haters-it is because of this. 10 years ago the network wouldn’t even air this in a graveyard slot now it gets a primetime slot.
    Kerry Packer must be turning in his grave…

  9. LOL @ GuanoLad’s classic comment. Well at least they are trying new things. Or rather aspects of other shows mish-mashed into one. And it means one less ep of 2.5 Men, making that only 117 episodes a week. 😉

  10. @ at mike your absolutely right nine desperately need new programers i don’t know what’s worse that nine are showing this show or that it’s followed by yet another repeat of two and a half men and 20 to one.

  11. At least when Seven scheduled in True Beauty, they put it on the lowest rating night (Thursday) at 9.30pm. So if they need to axe it or push it to a latter timeslot, they can without too much hassle. 7.30pm Tuesday is very competitive, and I doubt this will pull much higher than 800K.

    Then what will nine schedule for Tuesdays 7.30?…

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