Airdate: Dance Your Ass Off

Nine makes a do or die move with an American cable reality hybrid, running for 90 minutes in a primetime slot.

dyaoSome ideas really make you wonder.

Nine has slated the US cable series Dance Your Ass Off into a primetime 7:30pm Tuesday timeslot, to run on July 21st.

Hosted by Broadway actress Marissa Jaret Winokur this is a 90 minute episode.

It will see 12 plus-size players who will dance off for a $100,000 prize while attempting to lose weight at the same time.

Tuesdays were the original night that Seven scored with Dancing with the Stars, but Nine’s programming of this one would have to be a do or die move. And it probably knows it.

Previous plans for a Harry Potter film are now out, with this premiere followed up by a repeat of Two and a Half Men, plus 20 to 1 and a Little Britain repeat.

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  1. i think its obvious this show is an insult to the viewing public. and the fact its on at prime time just rubs salt on the alreay gangrene wound…

    i am glad i dont watch much tv at all…

    they need some new material and new ideas,
    seems everything now is a clone or some reality spin off, or a chef thing etc. its all the same crap.

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